Jul 09, 2021

Paraplegic woman fights council after copping parking fines outside her home

Paraplegic woman fights council

A resident of Geelong, Rhiannon Tracey lives in close proximity to GMHBA Stadium, resulting in a minimal amount of parking spaces, due to the influx of football game attendees.

This has made parking her car close to home nearly impossible for Ms Tracey.

The lack of available parking options has forced Ms Tracey to resort to parking her modified vehicle in a no-standing zone outside her home, resulting in numerous fines. 

Speaking to 9News cameras, Ms Tracey voiced her frustration and provided an insight into the difficulties being experienced by wheelchair users regarding accessibility.

Thus far, Ms Tracey’s appeals to have the fines overturned have been rejected, but she is currently working with members of the Geelong Council to find a solution to the parking dilemma.

Peter Murphy from the Geelong Council stated that Ms Tracey knows that “she can’t park in a no-standing spot, and she understands that”. 

Mr Murphy also urged the Geelong resident to make herself conscious of the days when football is being played at the stadium so that she is aware of the days when parking in her street will be busy.

Locals have rallied behind Ms Tracey, stating that their fellow resident’s safety is at stake and lamenting the current parking situation in their street. 

One idea put forth by Ms Tracey was the possible creation of a disabled parking space in her street or a street nearby, as she believes that this would help dramatically. 

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  1. I can not believe this bloody country. Footy comes before this persons physical life. Gosh why is she fighting for a place to park, she is not chosen this it just is. One comment/suggestion why doesn’t she find out the days the footy is on and decide from there! I’m not sure if it’s me I am so angry about how people are treated. I bow my head

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