Aug 22, 2022

Centenarian arrested – over bucket list wish!

Centenarian arrested - over bucket list wish!

A spirited centenarian was able to cross a wish off her bucket list after being arrested by the Victorian police for her 100th birthday on the weekend.

Jean Bicketon, an ex-nurse, has been on the good side of the law for the last 100 years of her life, but her time was up as the police came to arrest her during her party at Narracan Gardens Residential Aged Care in Newborough.

The local police at Moe, Victoria, heard of the former World War II nurse’s wish to be arrested and were happy to step in and help her check it off her bucket list.

Ms Bicketon said the police involvement made her 100th birthday one of the best celebrations she had ever had.

She told the Daily Mail Australia, “I’ve never been arrested in my life. I said to them I’ve never been drunk and I’ve never been arrested, never lost my driving licence and never had an infringement.”

Ms Bicketon said the police were “quite soft” when arresting her.

Aiding to the theatrics of the day, three young constables from Moe station whirled into the aged care facility, lights and sirens blaring, to make sure Ms Bicketon got the full experience of being arrested.

The officers put Ms Bicketon in handcuffs and declared her “officially under arrest”, and Ms Bicketon was happy to oblige with the brief stint in handcuffs!

The police even wheeled Ms Bicketon out to the police car outside of the facility to get some pictures in front of the official vehicle.

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  1. Always good to tick something off your bucket list even if you are 100 years of age. Such a lovely story.

  2. Well done lovely lady👏
    Wishing lots more years🙈of good health.
    I currently have a very strong 105 lady in my Care Centre.
    Hope you love your days as she does.
    God’s love and care.

  3. I love this! What a legend Jean Bicketon is, for so many reasons:). Great to bring her bucket wish to life! Nice job from the Moe police department!


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