Mar 24, 2023

Connect the 40% extends its magic to WA aged care residents

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June Jacobson with her wish of Delft blue vase full of ginger nut biscuits thanks to Connect the 40%. [Source: 7 News Perth]

Wishes have come true for some Western Australian aged care residents as a support program and HelloCare’s social impact initiative, Connect the 40%, extends its magic further across the country.

80-year-old June Jacobson’s wish was no huge ask – a Delft blue vase full of ginger nut biscuits – but the simple gift proved to be a true highlight for her and other residents. 

In fact, most isolated aged care residents have very simple requests that often go unanswered due to having no friends, family or support system around to help them.

“It brings back so many memories which, when you get older, is pretty well all you have,” Ms Jacobson told 7 News Perth.

“I’m overcome, it’s beautiful.”

Many other residents at Ms Jacobson’s facility – Southern Cross Care’s Joseph Cooke House in Shelley – also had their wishes granted by Connect the 40%. 100-year-old Michael Dunning wanted to walk a dog again which he was assisted to do, while Doris Walton was given an iPad to fulfil her wish to video call her Godson. 

About 40% of aged care residents do not receive any visitors, which is where the program was born from. 

Connect the 40%’s Jakob Neeland said it was great to finally branch out into Western Australia and partner with Southern Cross Care.

“Although we launched in Victoria, Connect the 40% continues its national push and we are so happy to finally be listing gifts and experiences from senior Western Australians in need,” he said.

“Southern Cross Care WA is a forward-thinking organisation that does everything it can to bring joy to its residents, so it was very fitting for us to partner with them as our first foray into WA.”

The program allows people to purchase gifts for people in aged care to help reduce social isolation. 

To find out more about Connect the 40%, visit its website

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