Apr 29, 2021

Court hears allegations of not enough food and residents left in soiled clothing for days

St Basil's court case

Andrew Broadfoot QC, acting on behalf of residents of St Basil’s Aged Care Fawkner and their families, told the court his clients want the case heard as soon as possible because many are old and unwell, according to a report in The Age.

Last year, 44 of St Basil’s 183 residents died from COVID-19.

Broadfoot told the court there was not enough food at the home to feed residents, leaving many starving. Residents also were left in soiled clothing for extended periods, he alleged. Staff were wearing personal protective equipment incorrectly, and when concerns were raised, nothing was done to address them, he said.

A statement of claim filed last year accused St Basil’s of breaching its duty of care to residents on more than 26 occasions, contributing to the devastating transmission of the virus in the home.

St Basil’s is also being investigated by State Coroner John Cain, a police taskforce and the federal government.

St Basil’s is owned by the Australian Greek Orthodox Church and its most recent financial results show the home had revenue of $13.1 million, which came mostly from the federal government. Of that revenue, St Basil’s paid $2.5 million in rent back to its owner, the church.

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  1. Appawling. My heart goes out to residents and family’s and staff who do the right thing. So sad so many residents lost there lives to covid in appawling conditions.

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