Jan 20, 2020

Dementia patient and her carer sing Sinatra classic and hit number 7 on the charts

When 31-year-old carer Jamie Lee Morley first heard aged care resident Margaret Mackie sing, he automatically assumed that the beautiful voice he heard was coming from a nearby radio.

While it is certainly not uncommon for aged care staff and residents to develop strong bonds, nobody at the Northcare Suites Care Home in Glasgow, Scotland, could have imagined what would happen next.

The pair were recently thrust into the public spotlight as heartwarming footage of the young carer and the 83-year-old resident performing Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ at the nursing home Christmas party became a viral internet sensation.

And if that wasn’t enough, this dynamic duo have now recorded the song professionally and it is soaring up the charts in the UK.

Like many seniors living with dementia, Margaret experiences significant issues with short-term memory loss, but her ability to recall classic songs and the positive effects of this process highlight why musical therapy is an area of growing interest.

According to an interview with Margaret’s daughter, new-found fame has given the 83-year-old a “new lease on life”, noting that living with dementia was beginning to take a toll on her mother’s emotional wellbeing.

Margaret and Jamie’s rendition of ‘My Way’ currently sits at number 31 on the iTunes Top 40 UK Pop Songs live chart, ahead of international megastars like Ed Sheeran, Justin Beiber and The Black Eyed Peas.

But the single actually reached number seven on the charts just last week.

The single is currently available to download on iTunes, with all profits from song sales to be split between the Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia UK.

While Margaret’s vocal abilities may have come as a shock, her carer Jamie is a part-time singer who regularly performs other classic renditions of Elvis songs with Margaret at the nursing home.

Jamie grew up watching his grandfather live with Alzheimer’s disease, and topping the charts is allowing the young man to raise money for charity and bring joy to his favourite resident’s life.

It appears that Jamie has found his calling working with seniors, as the former barista’s musical talents provide a walk down memory lane for those living with dementia.

Picture courtesy of Jamie Lee Morley YouTube Channel.

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  1. I was feeling very down this morning,but on listening to this lovely rendition of ‘My Way” I now feel so much better.if someone with her problems can be so cheery why shouldn’t I. I hope we can hear more of this lovely lady.

    1. I’ve had the prilage of working with elderly… Most of my 40 + years in nursing. I would not change a moment of it….dementia robs them of the here and now.The Good Lord has given them there young years to reflect on. I always marvel at the talent locked up inside. You my young man have a powerful gift you bring her back where she was (I’m sure a beautiful young lady). I kept me mom home with me till the good Lord called her home. Your kindness brought me to tears.😢😇😍

  2. How wonderful to find such talent in aged care. This lady loses years as she sings and imparts her joy, thank you for sharing.

  3. My husband has vascular dementia and he loves singing to the oldies. He remembers the lyrics to all those Ricky Nelson and Elvis songs etc. 1950’s and 60’s. I can see his Spirts lifted up, especially listening to the oldies in the car going somewhere. Thanks for posting this uplifting, sweet video.

  4. That was beautiful~ she has a beautiful voice as does he and they harmonized so beautifully! What a very special caring young man💗

  5. Every week for 15 years, I have lead singing at a retirement home with a group of ladies called The JOY Club. This is exactly the reason we keep going. Music brings JOY, and many have very little to smile about in their living environment. Love this!

  6. My mother (during final stage of Alzheimer’s) recalled the lyrics and sang “Silent Night” for the nursing home staff one Christmas. Mom couldn’t speak much in the last stage, so What a gift it was! You see, she sang it in German, word for word just like she did with her grandmother as a young girl. We never heard her sing it before, so it was more than a Christmas present, it was truly a miracle!! I wasn’t at the nursing home that day, so I didn’t get to hear it. I’m sure I’ll hear it when we reunite in Heaven!

  7. That was amazing and touched me in so many ways,,,Music is so powerful and it has always been a big part of my life and I expect it always will be. So many things I am unable to voice through speech, I can express through music..Margaret has a beautiful voice and I absolutely loved listening to that all the way through!! Through some tears….

  8. This was so beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes. I worked with Dementia patients and fell in love with them. What a wonderful caregiver Jamie must be. His love for this dear, sweet lady as well of all his patients shines so brightly singing with this precious lady. Loved watching it. Thank you!


  10. This really touched me. My dad passed away of Alzheimer disease in 2007. My husband and I used to take a cd player with headphones to the nursing home and let my dad listen to music. You could tell he was immediately focused on it with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. Music is good for the soul and I truly think it’s sometimes the only thing that sparks their memories. This lady and Jamie are simply awesome to have done this. He inspires me to start something like this in our area nursing homes as I’ve always loved working with the elderly. Godspeed.

  11. I’m so blessed to have come across this article and listen to their song this morning. It brought tears to my eyes, especially when she sang “and now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain”. Life goes so swiftly. How wonderful that it hit the “top 40”. Music is medicine to the soul and hearing them sing was a joy.

  12. This is too precious for words. We had the privilege of caring for our Mother Mary the last 4 years of her life as she had many health problems including dementia. Music is indeed so very vital to us all. God bless you for doing this and may He continue to bless you with more opportunities!

  13. Having lost two parents partially due to dementia, it is heart-warming and admirable to see this level of care giving, personalization, and attentiveness. Thank you.

  14. Beautiful and up lifting. Their voices were so complimentary and he is very talented. Thank you for sharing this.

  15. That was just beautiful !! Brought tears to my eyes !! Thanks to Jamie who is a remarkable young man for doing this video with Margaret . You are an inspiration to all care givers

  16. Randomly came across this on my newsfeed, My Mother was English and I lost a good friend to dementia. I was compelled to read and watch and I admit to crying like a baby. Of course ‘My Way’ evokes emotions on it’s own. Watching the wonderful connection between this duo…..truly magical.

  17. Beautiful, just beautiful. Both of them are outstanding. Her caretaker is such a loving soul….a saint on earth.

  18. This is just beautiful! I wet to itunes to try to buy it but couldn’t find it. I will try again later

  19. i hope you are recording him singing his favorite 50s and 60s songs for after you lose him. nothing is better to listening to their voices/laughter and watching their mannerisms/gestures after they are gone. thanks for sharing that 😉 betty gordon, ames, iowa

  20. that was BEAUTIFUL; she has a wonderful voice and your duet was great!! thanks for recording this and bringing it worldwide 😉 so glad profits are being split both ways: alzheimers and dementia. god bless you both.
    betty gordon, ames, iowa

  21. She is amazing! He’s no slouch, either.
    My mother had Lewy Body Dementia & was a gospel singer. When she could no longer communicate with us…Id take cd’s of hers & others singing the older songs. Her eyes would dance.
    This lady has a lovely voice & I loved that when the melody got too high…she would jump to harmony without skipping a beat! A real sign of a true musician.
    I enjoyed this SO much.

  22. Young Jamie Lee Morley says it shows the power of music. It does, but more importantly it shows the power of love. Jamie you are a star.

  23. I saw this many times singing with our Senior Citizens Choir at the nursing home where my mother was a resident. Patients who never spoke would sing familiar songs with us every month!

  24. My father sung this song often at events he played. Listening to the song again – tears. Dad died at the young age of 54 in 2001. Songs have memory for sure and this song personally I was not fond of because of the lyrics. Dad did things his way and it led to him dying before his time and yet still he lived an amazing life and was very happy. So today listening to this song I am thankful for it now. It was as if I received a big hug from my daddy.

  25. I can just see my precious Mother, singing this very song!!! What I would give to have her back, even for just an hour or two, to hold her hand, tell her how much I love her, and thank her for all that she gave to me!!! I LOVE YOU MOMMA!!!!! God will bring us back together, in time, but until that time comes, I will cherish any memory, image, or portrait I can have of your beautiful, loving face!!!!

  26. So touching! My Mom passed away of dementia last year, after 20 years of going downhill, but through it all, she loved to sing! We brought music to her in the nursing home and would sing with her. Towards the end, she couldn’t speak or walk, BUT she could sing! And she knew most of the words to the songs of the 30s and 40s that we brought for her. Her favorite song of all time was “You Are My Sunshine” and she sang it almost right up to the end. Thank you for sharing. This was beautiful.

  27. iloved this so much………………………….as a 93 year old i hope that all of us can bring such happiness to others in our closing years

  28. Amazing effort story and journey. You are making a difference to this lady, her community and her family well done you have a talent that will raise you to the stars for sure.

  29. So very, very beautiful Margaret and Jamie Lee. You are both very special, precious and musically talented people. Have played your rendition of My Way several times and will sure try to get a copy on ITunes. Take care. Sandy

  30. My mother sang with the big bands years ago . I grew up listening to Frank my entire adult life. I played My Way at an elderly friends funeral.

  31. ❤️ felt … she’s wonderful!!
    My mom is in a elderly care facility.81 and she says she’s getting the “H “ outta here today!
    She is loved by the wonderful staff !! As you are 🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼

  32. This touches the depths of my heart!
    As I visited my brother in the Nsg Home, a year after he was dx , a stage 3 Alzheimers, there was no sign that he recognized me even after I told him -“ this is Mel,your sister”… though he repeatedly kissed me on my left cheek, as he was seated to my left!
    I asked him if he wanted to walk outdoors, even when it was July in Chgo, their “ Indian summer”, which is usually humid ,but on that day, it was warm and a comfortable breeze kept that noon quiet comfortable!
    He rolled his walker quiet well,and spontaneously , he started singing exactly
    this song, with all the lyrics sang so proudly, without missing a word, and teasingly, I told my brother, “Boy,you’re really showing off”! And unexpectedly, he burst out into a happy laughter, with such an elated facial expression which he does each time,when I tell him a joke,before he was dx of Alzheimer and it brought a wave of surprise in my heart , and must have been one of those rare moments , as the experts described,”
    Each time , this precious memory flashes back to my my mind and listening to both, your beautiful duet, it brings a wave of bittersweet precious memory, flashing back so fresh and palpable in my ❤️
    Thank you for this great precious sharing !


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