Nov 15, 2021

Doctor accused of fake COVID jabs suing Dept of Health for seizing patient files

Doctor accused of fake COVID jabs suing Dept of Health for ceasing patient files

Dr Mark Hobart claims that his North Sunshine Surgery in Melbourne’s western suburbs was raided without a warrant and that some of his “patient files and documents were illegally seized”.

In a video released by Dr Hobart on his recently created Twitter page, he revealed that he intends to take legal action against the department of health.

“Last Thursday, the 10th of November, my surgery was raided by the Department of Health without a warrant, and some patient files and documents were illegally seized,” said Dr Hobart.

“I am suing the department to stop them from sharing those files with any other government departments or with my patient’s employers. Those records are the private medical records of my patients and they need to stay that way.”

Dr Hobart is now appealing to the public to help cover the legal costs of recovering his patient’s documents with the help of a Christian crowdfunding website called GiveSendGo.

Information on the page reveals that Dr Hobart believes that he has been targeted by the Victorian Government and the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) due to his criticism of the state’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Hobart claims to have commenced legal proceedings against the Victorian Department of Health last week and referred to the current behaviour of health authorities and the Victorian government as that of a ‘dictatorship’.

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  1. The doctor should lose his practice, his medical license and his patients should also lose their jobs – all of these things alleged are fraud! The doctor is defrauding the records of the patients and the patients are fraudulently working, with fraudulent vaccination records.
    Just because our Government leaders think they can get away with atrocities left, right and centre doesn’t mean that every Joe Blow shouldn’t actually be held to account! (ICAC will catch up with those so-called “leaders” eventually.)
    Imagine if those particular fraudulent patients worked in the Aged Care sector and were responsible for the deaths of Aged Care residents??? How would the families of those residents feel knowing fraudulent health workers were to blame?
    What an absolute shemozzle!

    1. How do you know the Dr has committed fraud? How do you know the patients have? That’s why the department have ‘illegally’ seized the records, to determine
      If fraud has been committed or not.

  2. Hope they throw the book at him and his patients who have faked vaccination need to lose there jobs, they are putting everyone at risk.

    1. What happened to the legal process of of innocence until proven guilty.
      He’s been accused, not convicted

  3. Why are people so blind..

    Vaccinated people can still get and pass on Covid, Vaccinationisn’t 100% protection for yourself getting it and or passing it to others! Vaccination only reduces the vaccinated person’s risk of serious Covid infection illness and death from studies to date.
    Falsely reporting is the doctors only liability. There’s NO increase risk. It’s the same risk!

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