Jul 10, 2023

Dr Harry Cooper rejects retirement to remain a beloved TV animal whisperer

Dr Harry began his media career on breakfast television as the vet expert on a local Sydney chat show. [Source: Jeremy Greive / PerthNow]

At almost 80-years-old, Australia’s favourite television veterinarian, Doctor Harry Cooper, has no plans to stop tending to our furry friends.

While most people consider taking this slower when they think of being in their 80s, Dr Harry will have none of that, still presenting his historic segment on Better Homes and Gardens and airing his latest TV show Animals Aboard on Channel 7 just last week.  

“They’ll retire me … I’m not ready to retire!” Dr Harry told New Idea.

His new series documents tales from the multi-million-dollar animal travel industry, following the stories of animals as they travel for work, play, medical reasons, or family reunions. 

“The bond that exists between animals and a family [–] they are part of the family they are part of the family group… and the separation that occurs when they have to go one way and the family has to go another is tearful,” Dr Harry explained.

Outside of a long and prosperous career as a vet and television presenter, the doting grandfather is a family man – finally tying the knot with long-time partner, Susan, at their Port Macquarie estate last March.

In true Dr Harry flare, The couple’s pet horse, Wendy, was involved in the ceremony by acting as ring bearer for the day.

Watch Animals Aboard on Channel 7 on Wednesday at 7.30pm or catch up on 7plus.


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  1. My darling silkie terroist, nearly 3, Winslow tries making friends with any dog, cat rabbit or animation of an animal, on my TV!
    It’s funny but not! Frightened he’ll make the TV fall on him! I keep telling him that he’s not a movie star and to get down, water squirter in hand, he reluctantly gets down but, he gets straight back up again as soon as he sights a potential friend on the screen! Does he need a pupple friend, we have a cat, but I think he’d prefer a friend he can play with, or, he’s just naughty! He refuses to let me brush or groom him, he bites me and its not a nop! I tried oven gloves to protect my hand to no avail! Help Dr Harry before he’s a squished ungroomed TV star! I live in Monbulk Vic!

  2. Dr Harry I love your programs can you please help me with my sons dog.He is a 80 kg South African bullba dog male .He has had problems with skin and one paw for years..They have spent thousands on him and just keeps getting more tablet .They live on Hope island and I’m sure you would love a trip to Gold Coast.

  3. Dr harry my sons dog is being treated for allergies but only one leg has broken skin and one foot pad on same leg is inflamed. He is a South Africa bullba desex male dog.I can’t understand why Brocken skin won’t heal and same leg has inflamed foot pad.they have spent thousands and he’s still the same.regs Val

  4. My 3 year old German Shepherd has separation anxiety and barks everytime we leave in the car ,this causing problems because we work 6.30am to.3pm Monday Friday . He is causing a disturbance with the neighbours . Please help us to be able to leave and not have him barking and pulling our clothes and shoes out everywhere.

  5. Hi my gold fish are really big the smaller one has fish olecers have brought stuff from a pet store but not improving what should I do?

  6. Dr Harry,
    My friend has a young cat. She has been to 3 specialists who can’t help with her cat who can’t stop scratching. Her cat has had 3 stitches on its through but it doesn’t seem to heel. They have done numerous blood checks but no prevail what’s causing the scratching. The poor cat has had a cone around his neck all his life and they have even put clothes in him to stop the scratching. They are at the end of their tether and the poor cat isn’t happy. Can you please help to make their kitty be happy.

  7. Dear Dr Harry My lopped ear, blue eyed rabbit keeps stealing food from my smaller bunny who needs to put on weight. Now my bigger girl 2yrs old is putting on more weight. They chase each other when big girl takes the food right out of babys mouth…can you help?


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