Jul 28, 2022

Family divided over grandmother’s “stolen” jewellery

Family divided over grandmother’s

A granddaughter is weighing up her options and asking the internet for advice after revealing online that her cousin has taken her grandmother’s jewellery under questionable circumstances and is refusing to return it.

The woman recently posted her story on a Reddit forum, where members of the public turn to the internet for advice on life’s tricky situations.

“My grandfather, who is 92, is in good health and sound mind, so he acts as her Power of Attorney, and we hired a family friend to be her caretaker.”

On a recent trip to visit her grandmother, the granddaughter was shocked to learn that all of her grandmother’s rings were missing.

After doing some research, she learned that her cousin – who is the great-niece of the grandmother – had taken the jewellery after telling the grandmother’s caretaker that she had a recording of the 92-year-old verbally confirming that she could have her collection of rings when she dies. 

However, the validity of these claims is something that the granddaughter strongly disputes.

“My grandmother is not dead,” wrote the granddaughter.

“My grandmother told a lot of people they could get a ring one day, but, most importantly, she is not in a good mental state, and my cousins are nowhere in her will.”

Adding to the granddaughter’s frustration is the fact her grandfather is also upset that the great-niece has his wife’s jewellery, because the collection includes the 92-year-old’s wedding ring and another ring that her deceased son gave to her before he died.

Despite objection from the family, the granddaughter revealed that the great-niece is still refusing to return the jewellery to the 92-year-old. 

The granddaughter asked her cousin to return her grandmother’s rings, but the woman responded in a nasty manner and outright refused to hand the jewellery back to the 92-year-old grandmother.

After exhausting all of her options, the frustrated granddaughter is contemplating approaching the police and filing a stolen property report, but she is undecided due to the tension that this might create within her family.

The granddaughter is now asking people on the internet to provide her with advice on what she can do to return the rings to her grandmother with the least amount of fuss.

What advice do you have HelloCare readers? Let us know in the comment section.

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