Mar 27, 2024

Elderly man ‘left for dead’ following brutal home invasion in Melbourne’s South East

Elderly man ‘left for dead’ following brutal home invasion in Melbourne’s South East
Image courtesy of 9News

 A 74-year-old man is in critical condition with serious injuries following a disturbing early morning home invasion in the Victorian bayside suburb of Beaumaris.

According to authorities, the elderly man was subjected to a brutal assault at his home shortly before 1:30 am and then rushed to the intensive care unit at The Alfred Hospital.

Reports suggest that up to three individuals forcibly entered the home of the elderly man and his wife. The ensuing attack was so severe that the elderly man required ambulance resuscitation following the ordeal.

The attack unfolded as the elderly couple, who have called the residence their home for three decades, were startled by an unexpected visitor ringing the doorbell around 1:30 am.

Despite their decision to remain in the safety of their bedroom, the intruders forcibly smashed through the back doors and entered the elderly couple’s home. 

Following a courageous attempt to confront the invaders, the 74-year-old was met with brutal retaliation, as a result of which he was significantly assaulted

Emergency responders managed to resuscitate the victim following the attack, while fortunately, the gentleman’s wife escaped physical harm during the ordeal.

Police investigations are ongoing, with authorities affirming that no items appear to have been stolen from the residence.

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