Jun 10, 2021

Exclusive: $112 million boost to home support services for senior Australians

Home carer helping older woman

Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care Services, Richard Colbeck, said the latest allocation will provide better access to a range of high demand care services, including meals, transport, social support, respite, gardening and cleaning for older Australians, their families and carers.

“The Morrison Government is committed to supporting senior Australians to remain living safely and independently in their own homes and communities for as long as they can and wish to do so,” Minister Colbeck said.

“This targeted investment will support communities identified as being most in need, including where there are aged care service gaps and high demand,” Minister Colbeck said.

“Support for aged care providers to deliver additional CHSP services to senior Australians will help address key demand pressures.”

Funding will be made available over two years to 141 successful applicants who applied through the CHSP Targeted Growth Funding Round 2020-21 and 2021-22. 

“It includes more than $630 million to improve access to quality aged care services for senior Australians in regional, rural and remote areas including special needs groups.”

Service providers are required to be as responsive as possible to requests from senior Australians and their carers for short-term or ongoing CHSP services.

To access services, senior Australians, their family or carer can contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 and arrange a formal assessment of their care needs.

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  1. It makes no sense – CHSP was due to be phased out originally in 2019 and was extended to 2021 and extended again. The Lower levels of the Home Care Package already cover what CHSP does – there is an overlap of the same services. Yet, here the government is increasing CHSP services instead of increasing the HCP’s lower levels.

  2. Could Hello Care please stop parroting Government press releases by referring to ” the Morrison Government “. Last time I checked it was still ” the Australian Government “.
    Press releases are an easy way to fill space however it gives oxygen to a Government that is keen to avoid responsibility for the way it has incompetently managed Aged Care.

    How about you say something like “…in another attempt to pretend it is making changes to Aged Care the Australian Government has thrown more money at a problem that needs competent management as much as it needs money…..”.

  3. Home care got the whole loaf from the budgets $17.7 billion while residential care got some crumbs. Now another $122 million for cleaning, gardening and a drive to the shop!!

    The Australian values are seriously off kilter when we think a $50k package that delivers about seven hours per week including travel is money well spent. An absolute disgrace while residential facilities are chronically underfunded and the government drops in a measly $10 per day and walks away from their responsibility once again.
    Like it or not there is no alternative in the future for so many other than a nursing home and it’s neglected financially by the government.

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