Jun 03, 2024

Family Heartbreak As Grandmother’s Home Robbed On The Day Of Her Funeral

Family Heartbreak As Grandmother's Home Robbed On The Day Of Her Funeral
The burglary was discovered by Nola's grandchildren, who had been staying at the house and returned from the family wake [Supplied].

A Sydney family is reeling after their cherished grandmother’s home was burgled on the day of her funeral, with her sentimental jewellery stolen. The incident has left the family deeply distressed and pleading for the return of the precious items.

The home of 81-year-old Nola, a beloved mother of three and grandmother of ten, was targeted by callous thieves last Friday while her family and friends were attending her funeral.

The family has since made a heartfelt appeal on 2GB radio for the return of her jewellery, which holds immense sentimental value despite its modest monetary worth.

Nola’s son, Andrew, spoke to host Mark Levy, describing his mother as a “wonderful woman” and “special grandmother.” He expressed his deep disappointment, stating, “Mum lived in that house for 42 years and not once did someone access it in that way.

It’s very disappointing.” He urged those responsible to return the jewellery, pleading, “Please, just return it … just leave it on the front doorstep, or something like that.”

The burglary was discovered by Nola’s grandchildren, who had been staying at the house and returned from the family wake at West Pennant Hills Sports Club to find the home violated.

Nola’s daughter-in-law, Celine, described the trauma her children experienced, saying, “We feel she has been violated … her special items have been taken.”

The police have been called, and forensic experts have conducted an examination of the home. The family remains hopeful that the jewellery will be returned, as the loss has deeply affected them, adding to the grief of losing their beloved Nola.

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