Jan 09, 2024

Frank Dimasi excused from court hearing for wife’s murder

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Frank Dimasi was excused from court today where he was due to appear for stabbing his wife Maria to death. [Source: 9News]

The husband of well-loved grandmother Maria Dimasi, who is accused of stabbing her to death in their Adelaide home, has been excused from court as he is said to be experiencing severe reactions from an infection. 

Francesco ‘Frank’ Dimasi, 91, was excused from attending a hearing at the Port Adelaide Magistrates court on Tuesday as he is allegedly suffering from an infection and experiencing delirium.

The 91-year-old is still being held at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide where he has been since his arrest on December 2, being admitted with alleged self-inflicted injuries and symptoms of dementia.

Police prosecutors previously told the court Mr Dimasi was found at the couple’s home on December 2 after he called triple-0, having admitted to having an argument with his wife and subsequently killing her. He was allegedly found intoxicated and covered in blood.

“[Mr Dimasi] said he was sorry that he killed his wife and that she deserved it,” a police prosecutor told the court.

“[Police] find him seated at the kitchen table with blood on his clothing, arms and hands and a kitchen-style knife located near the accused.

“At the time of the incident, his blood alcohol was […] more than four times the legal limit.”

At the initial hearing, Mr Dimasi was not present and his defence counsel claimed he has dementia.

Since then, the courts have ordered reports be provided to determine the severity of Mr Dimasi’s dementia condition and whether he was suitable to be released on bail.

Mrs Dimasi was well-known in Adelaide’s Italian community for her cooking, including volunteering efforts to make meals for vulnerable people.

Mr Dimasi will next appear at the Adelaide Magistrates Court in April.

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