Jul 31, 2023

From businessman to bus driver: A “positive” career change

Ocean Grove local Colin Cooper with his new ‘office’ – the Deborah Cheetham Retirement Village van. [Source: Bellarine Times]

A successful recruitment drive has seen this former corporate man jump aboard the aged care worker bus. 

With more jobs becoming available this month, the opening of Ryman Healthcare’s Deborah Cheetham Retirement Village in Ocean Grove, Victoria has already seen many locals put their hands up to fill job roles.

Colin Cooper is one of the latest recruited, taking up a role as a van driver after a long career in the corporate world. 

“I spent around 40 years in corporate life and just on 12 months ago I walked away to look for a more balanced lifestyle,” he told Bellarine Times

“I saw this and I thought, ‘this looks amazing’ because it suits me perfectly in terms of the hours and the flexibility, but also the fact you’re working with people that you can actually make a difference to their day.” 

The facility will be home to around 360 residents and offer a mix of independent retirement living, assisted living in serviced apartments as well as a 120-bed aged care centre.

More roles will become available as more residents move in over the coming months. These will include: nurses, carers, hospitality staff, activity and lifestyle coordinators, gardeners, maintenance and administration.

Find out more about these roles here


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