Jul 15, 2021

Girl marries high school sweetheart by terminally ill grandmother’s bedside

Texas bride

Avis Russell’s granddaughter Sean was scheduled to marry her high school sweetheart later in the year, but news of her grandmother’s deteriorating health prompted the soon-to-be newlyweds to make a drastic change of date and venue.

The intimate ceremony held at Methodist Hospital Northeast may not have been Sean’s ideal wedding setting, but ensuring that her beloved grandmother Avis was able to attend the wedding made the day even more precious than anyone could have imagined. 

Video of the touching ceremony shows Avis lying in bed and holding a bouquet while her granddaughter recites her wedding vows just a few steps away.

The couple then shares their first kiss as man and wife before the beautiful bride embraces her grandmother and places a loving kiss on her forehead.

Those in the comment section reported being moved to tears by the heartwarming footage, while a family member shred that Ms Russell was “one in a million,” and that she is being sorely missed. 

Since the release of the video, people from around the globe have taken the time to send their love and best wishes to the new couple and Ms Russell, but unfortunately, the 71-year-old lost her battle with her terminal illness. 

Avis Russell passed away only two days after her granddaughter’s bedside wedding. 

According to the hospital, she spent her final moments celebrating with her granddaughter.

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