Jun 05, 2020

Government delivers 38 of 36,000 emergency food packages promised to elderly

The Morrison Government delivered just 38 emergency food packages to older Australians isolating because of COVID-19 after announcing it would deliver 36,000.

This failure raises serious questions about how well the Government targeted and advertised this support for older Australians.

It is very concerning that so few emergency food packages have been delivered by the Morrison Government.

Any savings from this program must be delivered back to policies that do support older Australians.

Vulnerable older Australians cannot be left to slip through the cracks and the Government must do better than offering excuses.

With many vulnerable older Australians continuing to stay at home because of COVID-19 even as restrictions ease, any future policies must be better managed so support gets to the people who need it most.

Sadly this policy failure is true to form for the Morrison Government.

Over the weekend it was revealed there are still more than 104,000 older Australians waiting for home care.

Across the country older Australians are still waiting too long for care they have been approved for.

The Morrison Government must step up and do better for older Australians who need support.

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