Jun 27, 2024

Grandma Punches Thief In The Face And Stops Him From Stealing Car With Grandaughter Inside

Grandma Punches Thief In The Face And Stops Him From Stealing Car With Grandaughter Inside

In a remarkable display of courage, a 63-year-old grandmother has been celebrated as a hero after thwarting a would-be car thief in Melbourne. The incident occurred in Laverton, a suburb in Melbourne’s south-west, highlighting the grandmother’s quick thinking and bravery.

It was around 5pm on a seemingly ordinary Friday when a mother, needing to lodge a passport application, parked her Range Rover near the post office on Aviation Road. Inside the vehicle, her mother-in-law and infant waited patiently.

Unbeknownst to them, an opportunistic thief was eyeing the luxury SUV. As the mother stepped inside the post office, a man approached the car with the intention of stealing it. In a matter of seconds, the grandmother’s protective instincts kicked in. She punched the would-be thief squarely in the face, forcing him to abandon his attempt and flee the scene.

Witnesses to the incident described the grandmother’s actions as nothing short of heroic. “Good on her,” said Leanne, a post office worker who saw the entire event unfold. “She was quick thinking and did what she had to do to protect her grandchild.”

CCTV footage captured the thief scurrying back to a white four-door ute, where his getaway driver, bizarrely dancing to rap music, awaited him. The pair then sped away from the scene.

The police quickly launched an investigation, connecting the attempted car theft to a series of crimes committed across Point Cook and Laverton between June 19 and 21. The crime spree included armed robberies, aggravated burglaries, and the theft of a blue Ford Falcon from a home in Point Cook.

The following day, police arrested three men in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. The suspects, aged 21 and 22, were charged with a litany of serious offences, including home invasion, assault, and making threats to kill. They were all remanded in custody, awaiting further legal proceedings.

The grandmother’s bravery has been widely praised, with many community members expressing their admiration. “So lucky. Lucky grandma was there. She’s a hero,” echoed sentiments from numerous witnesses and local residents.

This incident serves as a poignant reminder of the unexpected heroes in our midst, and the lengths to which people will go to protect their loved ones.

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