Dec 20, 2021

Grandmother whose car was accidentally crushed by council receives “beautiful” Christmas surprise

Grandma new car
Photo: A Current Affair / Nine.

Four months ago, Wendy Tucker, 61, was told by the Central Coast Council her car had been towed and they would contact her about how to reclaim it, according to A Current Affair.

But the following day she received a call from the council to inform her the car had accidentally been crushed.

Photo: A Current Affair / Nine.

The council admitted the error, but since then have not provided any compensation to the high school science lab assistant. 

The car contained some of Ms Tucker’s personal belongings when it was destroyed.

After the story was aired a month ago, A Current Affair was “overwhelmed” with messages of support for the hard-working grandmother.

But Nick Karagiannis and the team from Crash Claim went one step further – they gave Ms Tucker a new white Toyota Aurion – plus baby seats for her grandchildren, $2,000 for insurance and registration, and whatever else she might need, as well as a huge bunch of flowers!

Photo: A Current Affair / Nine.

Ms Tucker was “over the moon” when she saw the new vehicle wrapped in a huge red ribbon, A Current Affair reported.

“Thank you so much,” Ms Tucker said. “It really is beautiful.”

Ms Tucker’s daughter said losing her car had been difficult for her mother.

Photo: A Current Affair / Nine.

“It was a loss of her independence and she hates having to ask for help,” she explained.

“This is just such a sweet ending to what’s been a really tough time.”

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