Apr 27, 2022

Grandpa sings ‘What a Wonderful World’ for grandson who has Down Syndrome

Grandpa sings ‘What a Wonderful World” for Grandson who has Down Syndrome

Footage of grandfather Dave Totillo performing a beautiful rendition of the Louis Armstrong classic ‘What a Wonderful World’ for his grandson Joseph on his birthday has gone viral recently and it’s not hard to tell why.

The video shows Mr Totillo sitting on an outdoor chair at then five-year-old Joesph’s birthday party, with his beautiful grandson sitting on his lap and soaking in the love being expressed through every word.

Young Joseph, who has Down Syndrome, is described as having a magnetic personality and clings to his grandfather Dave who takes him everywhere.

“He is a treasure to our family,” said the grandfather when asked about Joesph.

Initially, the video only garnered a handful of views when first released, but has since gone viral after a relative posted the video on TikTok and amassed over four million views.

The strength of their intergenerational connection is instantly evident, particularly when Dave sings the words ‘I love you’ and Joesph responds by lovingly placing his head on his grandfather’s chest.

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  1. Most touching video I’ve ever seen! God love them both! Joseph is absolutely a precious boy, who is a gift from God+

    1. He really is. We are lucky that he is part of our family. And Uncle Dave is so right. He is a treasure. They both are!!

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