May 24, 2024

Grandson Brings Grandfather To Tears After Restoring his 1954 Pickup Truck

Grandson Brings Grandfather To Tears After Restoring his 1954 Pickup Truck
Richard Kincheloe's 1954 International Harvester pickup truck had not been driven in 40 years. [Supplied].

In a heartwarming tale from Lebanon, Missouri, Blake Kincheloe has given new life to a cherished family relic: his grandfather Richard Kincheloe’s 1954 International Harvester pickup truck, affectionately named “Cannonball.”

The story begins with a teenage Richard, who purchased the truck with his mother for the princely sum of $50 and a hog.

For decades, Cannonball sat idle on Richard’s property, serving as an oversized paperweight and a sanctuary for spiders. Despite its decrepit state, young Blake always considered it “his truck,” dreaming of the day it would roar back to life.

As Blake grew older, his fond memories of Cannonball inspired him to take action. Initially, he aimed for a simple brake replacement but soon found himself embarking on a full-scale restoration.

Teaming up with C&J’s Classic and Muscle Cars, Blake meticulously worked on the truck, replacing parts and adding modern touches. The original brake lights were non-existent, so new ones were installed, and a bathroom door latch took the place of an unsalvageable door handle mechanism.

All the while, Blake kept his project a secret from his grandad, hoping to create a moment of pure surprise.

That moment arrived when Blake and his father decided to reveal the restored truck to Richard. Driving Cannonball down the driveway for the first time in 45 years, they recorded the emotional reveal on video.

As the truck approached, a voice off-camera asked Richard, “What’s that, Pappa?” His stunned response, “Well, I’ll be danged!” captured the joy and disbelief of seeing his beloved truck restored to its former glory.

The reunion of Richard and Cannonball is a testament to the enduring bond between generations and the power of a grandchild’s love and dedication.

Blake’s labour of love not only resurrected an old truck but also rekindled treasured memories, proving that some family heirlooms are indeed priceless.

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