Sep 28, 2021

Healthcare workers protesting vaccine mandates claim they are being silenced

Healthcare workers protesting vaccine mandates claim they are being silenced

Sitting cross-legged, masked and socially distanced from one another, the group staged a silent protest before being dispersed by a large group of Victorian police. 

Despite calling for an end to vaccination mandates, many protestors claimed to be fully vaccinated themselves and argued that a number of Australians are feeling forced to take the jab against their will in order to keep their jobs and leave lockdown.

Speaking with independent journalist, Avi Yemini, one nurse who claimed to be working in vaccination clinics believes that feeling forced to take a vaccine does not meet the standard of informed consent.

“Working in multiple vax-clinics and multiple testing sites, the message that I’m hearing from the public is the fact that they are agreeing [to be vaccinated] reluctantly,” said the nurse.

She added, “I’m vaccinated myself, but I’m here because I believe in the right to choose.”

The majority of protestors in attendance revealed that although they believed in science, they also felt that Australians from all workforces should have the right to make their own decisions regarding vaccination without being coerced.

According to police, no arrests were made at the protest as those in attendance quickly moved on when asked.

However, many observers were quick to point out that hundreds of delighted Melbourne supporters flouted social distancing rules on Sunday, following the AFL grand final, and enjoyed a celebratory stroll through the botanical gardens without any police intervention.

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  1. I think its disgusting that we are forced to have an experimental vaccine to keep our jobs, look at Singapore, it has went back into lock down , why, 80% of the population have had the vaccine, I believe that’s the d variant, the ones who have had the vaccine are the ones getting covid and passing it around , we should be able to choose whether we want it, not be forced into having it

    1. I agree
      Australians should not be forced to have this vacine that shows not a 60 /percent to no COVID.
      It does not stop the spread either. The people don’t understand that the COVID 19 that this vacine is designed for is taken over by a new COVID. Delta COVID the vacine is not stopping Delta. Yet the Government is forcing us to be Javed by a vacine that is not quiet right.
      We need to be more informed.
      The issue if the whole world gets a jab then the law suits disappear.
      So if the world stops taking vacine people would say why did so take it. So the only way if every one gets vacinated what a shame so sad

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