Apr 24, 2024

Heartwarming Anzac Day Tribute at Coles Store Sparks Social Media Frenzy

Heartwarming Anzac Day Tribute at Coles Store Sparks Social Media Frenzy
Crafted by a Coles team member, the display is a tribute to his father who is a distinguished war veteran. [Facebook].

In a heartening tribute to Australia’s veterans, a touching Anzac Day display at a Coles supermarket in Townsville, Queensland, has ignited a wave of emotion across social media platforms.

Crafted by a dedicated team member at the Annandale Coles store, the display features a poignant statue of a war veteran encircled by symbolic poppies and an evocative “Lest We Forget” flag.

The heartfelt creation serves as a personal homage to the team member’s father, a distinguished war veteran.

Situated opposite the esteemed Lavarack Barracks, the largest army base in Australia, the Anzac display at the Annandale store is being touted as a beacon of respect and remembrance within the local community.

Captured by a shopper at the store, the photograph swiftly garnered widespread attention online, in part, due to the caption which took a swipe at Woolworths.

“Coles Annandale Townsville. Huge display right as you walk in, brilliant!” she wrote. “Take note, Woolworths.”

Supermarket giant Woolworths drew the ire of a large number of Australians earlier this year for its refusal to stock any merchandise relating to Australia Day.

Woolworths claimed it was simply a financial decision due to declining sales of Australia Day merchandise, but many outraged shoppers believed the decision was politically motivated.

Last month, Woolworths once again found itself embroiled in controversy when it was revealed that they would no longer be stocking limited-edition Anzac Day biscuit tins, however, Woolworths then revealed that it would be selling exclusive Anzac Day badges to help raise money for the RSL, instead. 

Although, this did not quell detractors who used the comment section to praise Coles for honouring the Anzacs and bash Woolworths for a perceived lack of patriotism on Australia Day and misguided outrage for their Anzac Day stance.  

Comments poured in, with users commending Coles for their heartfelt tribute and lamenting the erosion of Australian values. Veterans themselves chimed in, expressing pride and appreciation for the thoughtful gesture.

“Bloody well done Coles – too much Aussie stuff being constantly eroded,” remarked one Facebook user. 

Amidst the outpouring of support, many users also shared similar displays observed at other supermarkets nationwide, highlighting the widespread embrace of Anzac Day across communities.

One commenter also revealed that Woolworths in the Queensland city of Maryborough also had a similar display. 

As communities unite in remembrance and gratitude, public reaction to the Anzac Day display at Coles is proof that the general public still takes great pride in those who served our country and gestures that ensure their legacy lives in the hearts of generations to come.

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