May 11, 2018

The day our nursing home had its own Royal Wedding

With the Royal Wedding coming up I was reminded of the fun we had at a nursing home when there was another Royal Wedding.

All nursing homes have a Recreational Activities Officer who helps the residents to enjoy activities eg arranging concerts, playing games, having sing-a-longs and various other activities. The RAO involves the residents in choosing any activities they would like included.

When Charles and Diana were getting married, one of the residents suggested we have a copycat wedding, just for fun. One of the male residents said he would be Charles and another said he would perform the ceremony. None of the lady residents wanted to be Diana.

The RAO came and asked me if I thought this was something we could do. I said what a great idea and we can have a party afterwards.

I suggested that the RAO find a female staff member who still had her wedding dress and fitted into it to play Diana. She had no luck and came back to me with this news. I said I would try my dress on and let her know. My dress did still fit so I ended up being Diana.

We let the relatives know that we were having a party and they were welcome to join us.

We had our fun copycat wedding with a great party afterwards. A lot of the relatives came to enjoy the day with us and a few dressed up in their best clothes.

It really was a great day and a huge success.

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