Mar 09, 2023

Iconic Australian brand SPC is rewarding aged care staff with $10,000 worth of prizes

Iconic Australian brand SPC is rewarding aged care staff with $10,000 worth of prizes

SPC Care, the nutritional healthcare division of iconic Australian brand, SPC, will once again be rewarding Australian aged care staff with more than $10,000 worth of prizes thanks to their groundbreaking Aged Care Angels campaign.

Aged Care Angels gives members of the public the opportunity to nominate an outstanding residential aged care or home care worker for their chance to win one of seven prizes to be awarded. 

While there is no shortage of amazing aged care workers in Australia, the nominee that is judged to have put forth the most outstanding effort will receive a grand prize (valued at $5000) that includes having their story brought to life in an article by the team here at HelloCare.

In a unique twist compared to traditional competitions, the person who nominates an Aged Care Angels prize winner will also receive a $50 gift card.

Following the success of the first Aged Care Angels campaign in October 2021, SPC Care Senior Brand Manager, Maria Naughton, was completely blown away by the number of stories featuring selfless aged care staff who go above and beyond for those in their care. 

“It was incredibly heart-warming to read the nominations coming from other staff and family members of someone in care,” said Ms Naughton.

“Those nominated weren’t only nurses and carers but included kitchen staff, physical and music therapists, and reception staff.” 

One of the most pleasant surprises of the first Aged Care Angels campaign was witnessing aged care staff nominating their outstanding colleagues.

Those who work in the aged care industry are well aware that delivering care is often thankless work, which is why recognition amongst co-workers and by the greater public is such a powerful motivator when it occurs.

The Aged Care Angels campaign will run from 6 March – 26 March 2023. For more information and to view the Terms & Conditions, please visit

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