Nov 09, 2021

“It’s nice to be nice”: Workers rushed to older man’s aid when they sensed something was wrong

“It’s nice to be nice”: Workers rushed to older man’s aid when they sensed something was wrong

When two construction workers observed an elderly man pushing his mobility scooter up a hill, dragging his little dog behind him, they knew something was amiss.

Ben Lloyd and Peter Norton went to check on the man after they saw him pushing his mobility scooter past their worksite and down the road.

Upon learning the man’s scooter had broken down, forcing him to push it the three kilometres to his home, the workers immediately stepped in to help. They loaded the scooter onto a trailer and Norton drove the man home.

Lloyd, who is 32, told the ECHO, “We were working and an old chap passed us pushing a motorised scooter.

“I watched him push it down the road, so I ran after him and asked if anything was wrong and he said it was out of battery. He was pushing it back to Blacon [near Liverpool in the UK] which is about two miles [three kilometres] and up a big hill.”

Lloyd helped the man bring the scooter back to his van and together with Norton they loaded the scooter onto the trailer. Norton gave the man – and his dog – a lift home.

Lloyd said the man was “knackered” but “very, very grateful”.

“When Peter dropped him off, he gave him a £10 note but Peter gave it back,” said Lloyd.

Lloyd posted about his good deed on Facebook, where it attracted thousands of views.

“We’re working on behalf of Scottish power and even their directors have commented on it and showed appreciation to us,” he said.

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