Aug 18, 2017

Life-Long Volunteer Finally Puts Her Feet Up in Cairns

A Queensland for all ages is the theme for this year’s Senior’s Week, and Lesley Kerr is a prime example of a Senior who has committed her life to the community.

Lesley, 74 has lived a life of fulfilling her passion for the community, and the betterment of the lives of others.

Lesley and husband Don, 79 made the move from Gladstone to Cairns in 2010 for the warmer weather.

The dedicated Senior was actively involved in the Gladstone community – Lesley acted as the Gladstone Geneaology Society Treasurer for many years, managed the local library roster from 1992 until 2010, and was a proud member of the Collinsville Lions Club for seven years, along with husband Don.

Married for 54 years, the couple have been blessed with three children, eight grandchildren, and five great grandchildren.

In October 2016, both Lesley and Don acquired home care from Envigor and continuously praise the care, support and awareness provided by the home care givers.

“Envigor’s available to help when we need it,” said Lesley.

“They work around our lifestyle and flexible around any changes needed.

“Although we don’t need much support, only domestic help fortnightly, we know that we will need more support later on so we wanted to be a part of the community from the start.”

With Envigor’s low case management and administration fees, Envigor’s Cairns based Community Care Business Partner Karen Gerrard is particularly interested in talking to people across the Cairns region who feel they need more from their Home Care Package.

“Many people just aren’t getting the care they deserve and with the average case management and admin fees across the country hitting 45% of the value of a person’s Home Care Package, I’m on a mission to make sure consumers have a choice,” said Karen.

Before marriage, Lesley worked with the Commonwealth Bank for five years.

“I’ve been the home organiser all my married life as employers didn’t take married women back then,” said Lesley

Lesley’s main hobbies include family history, genealogy, crossword puzzles, reading and ten-pin bowling.

“Lesley’s dedication and contribution to the community and her family is greatly appreciated, and an inspiration to all those around her,” said Don.

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