Dec 21, 2019

How to make a Christmas Cake

Ending up on Santa’s Naughty List is the best recipe for a happy holiday season.

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Grandparenting – A Guide to Maintaining a Helping Hand/Life Balance

As the photographer of the family, I have noted previously that I rarely appear in photos other than as a reflection, but this is one of me in one of my other favourite roles, as a grandparent. It’s one that I do actively, and with two of our three children and their families living interstate,... Read More

From magazine junkie to old age media commentator singing the praises of ‘Woman’s Day’

There is a universal truth about how to get job satisfaction: do something you love. And I managed to get there somewhere in the middle of my life. The thing is, I have been a mass magazine junkie pretty much ever since I could read. Starting with kids’ mags and graduating very quickly to women’s... Read More

Stealing from Elderly Parents: Sons Take Millions and The Family Home

Sometimes elder abuse can come from the people whom you least expect – the person’s own children. Elder abuse can come in many forms – physical, emotional, verbal and even financial. Financial abuse is particularly frequent as adult children try to take money and property that was once in their parent’s name.   A recent... Read More