Jan 16, 2024

Man in his 70s pushed into water by delinquent teens, boy charged

The man was at risk of drowning had there not been bystanders to help him back onto the pier. [Source: 3AW Melbourne]

Police have charged a teenager after a video posted on social media captured him pushing an older man off of a Mornington Peninsula pier on Sunday and then laughing about it with his friends.

Officers were called to reports a man was allegedly assaulted and pushed into the water off a pier near Schnapper Point Drive about 11.30pm on 14 January.

The video of the incident – originally posted by the boy and his friends on social media platform TikTok which has since been deleted – shows three teenagers walking down the pier, being boisterous and loud. 

The youths then came up behind the man while he was fishing and pushed him into the dark water, laughing at their despicable act before fleeing the scene. Video audio also shows the teen who carried out the act being called “Lockie”. 

The Herald Sun reported that the victim is 79 years old and could not swim. Fortunately, three male witnesses helped to pull him back onto the pier and did not sustain any serious injuries. 

It is believed the man was not known to the teens.

3AW Melbourne radio host Jacqui Felgate alleged she spoke with Victoria Police and the teens are known to them and locals in the area for “terrorising residents”. 

On Tuesday, Police charged a 14-year-old boy from Crib Point on summons with reckless endangerment and unlawful assault.

The boy will appear before a children’s court at a later date.

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  1. “Lockie”, needs to know that there are serious consequences for what he did, and so do his parents/guardians, and he needs to be punished for this, if not, he will only move on to more serious crimes, if he hasn’t already, and what is the old saying? The fish rots from the head

  2. Jail the parents as well as the boy. Make the parents pay a fine and do weekend detention as well. That is a wake up call to bring their children into line and behave properly.

    1. Don’t be to hard on them.
      2 years Jail with the big men should fix it.

      Publish their names and addresses.

  3. This is a weak and cowardly attack on an older person for no other reason than they thought it was funny. It is up to our governments, State and Federal, to put processes in place to protect the community. We pay our taxes and support the country, but we have no protection from these uncaring and unfeeling elements we are forced to put up with in society. He was already on bail, and what did they do about him? Nothing. Typical, but of course, the police can’t do anything when the laws are so soft that their efforts are in vain and frustrating.
    Come on, Governments – Deal with it; that is what you are paid for.

  4. His parents need to be given a warning and a hefty fine. And counselling. The boy needs to attend education classes.


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