Oct 07, 2021

Man on violent rampage punches pensioner and threatens with machete

Man on violent rampage punches pensioner and threatens with machete

Madhieu Gak, 25, is accused of punching an 80-year-old man in the face, threatening members of the public with weapons and theft over a two-week period.

The court heard that a visibly intoxicated and abusive Gak boarded the bus on September 22 without paying for a ticket.

At this point, it is believed that an 80-year-old man stood up and attempted to get off the bus when Gak was heard telling him to “get out of the way”.

The elderly man was taken to hospital after the incident.

On October 1 Gak allegedly entered a bottle shop in the suburb of Seaton and stole a four-pack of mixed drinks.

The court heard that the bottle shop attendant followed Gak out of the store before Gak turned and confronted the man with a large knife.

“The defendant pulled what is described as a machete from his pants pocket and said, ‘Don’t come near me, I have nothing to lose’,’” the police prosecutor said

The following day Gak was observed crouching down and sharpening a knife on the footpath outside of a home that was undergoing a property inspection.

The police prosecutor informed the court that Dak had other pending assault charges, to which Dak replied, “Bro, why do you bring that s–t up, I’ve already been to court for that.”

Magistrate Anna Jackson warned Dak that the severity of his charges could result in imprisonment.

Ms Jackson then adjourned Dak’s bail application and ordered a home detention report.

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