Migrant couple score care jobs of their dreams

Sam and Sony (1)
A need for a change of scenery saw this couple uproot from Ireland’s public health sector and land jobs in our care industry. [Source: Supplied]

A couple has found a compassionate and supportive team in their new care roles after migrating to Adelaide from Ireland.

It was the warm weather that drew Sam Varghese, Sony Alexander and their two girls to Australia after deciding on a change of scenery.

Looking to abandon the dreary Irish weather, the former public health sector workers utilised an agency to find care work in Australia. 

The couple managed to score coinciding care jobs at Calvary Health Care once they arrived in July – Sony as a theatre nurse at Calvary North Adelaide Hospital and Sam as the Clinical Care Coordinator at Calvary Flora McDonald Residential Aged Care.

“For our girls, Adelaide is the perfect choice. It has a good mix of hot and cold weather, and it’s known for its small, tight-knit community feel. Even in traffic it only takes ten minutes to get anywhere,” Sony said. 

Adelaide has offered the couple the best of both worlds and an easy transition for their daughters who were born and raised in Ireland.

Sam said their new employers helped them find a good school for their daughters and welcomed them into their cohort.

“It took a few weeks to learn the system, and I’m so thankful for the support and guidance from the Care Manager and Home Manager,” she said.

“The residents and families are lovely and the staff look after everyone so well.”

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  1. I’m so glad to hear them use the word integrate. That’s what the Polish, Italians, Germans etc did when they arrived in Australia.
    It benefits All when migrants integrate.


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