Sep 02, 2021

Mother blows $150,000 inheritance that grandparents left for their grandchildren

Mother blows $150,000 inheritance that grandparents left for their grandchildren

The woman, located in the US, recently shared her story on social news forum, Reddit, where she was met with a barrage of differing opinions regarding the most appropriate course of action to take with her mother.

According to the story, the mother in question had been adopted at the age of 8 “into a loving, wealthy family of two college professors”, before making a number of poor choices in her teenage years, which culminated in her running away from the adopted family.

The mother went on to have five children, and according to her child (who posted the story), their family had grown up extremely poor. 

Despite growing up in poverty, the 27-year-old poster revealed that at the age of 17 she decided to reverse her fortunes by moving out of her toxic family home and away from her mother to seek out higher education.

Sadly, both of her grandparents had died by the time she turned 13, so she recently decided to reach out to some long-time family friends of her grandparents to learn more about them as people.

Unfortunately, this was not the walk down memory lane that she had expected.

During their conversation, the family friends revealed to the 27-year-old woman that her grandfather had left a $150,000 inheritance to cover both her and her sibling’s education fees.

However, three years after the grandfather’s death, the 27-year-old woman’s mother confessed to the family friends that she had blown through all of the money that the grandparents had left for their grandchildren. 

It was at this point the 27-year-old decided to send her mother an email stating that she knows what happened, and putting an end to their fragile relationship that she described as previously “strained”.

The family friends have urged the 27-year-old woman to make amends with her estranged mother, asking her to take into account that nearly 10 years had passed since she spent that money and that she is now a changed person.

Commenters on the post offered a range of suggestions for the 27-year-old woman, which included hiring a lawyer to examine the grandparents’ will and possibly attending therapy sessions with her estranged mother. 

What do you think HelloCare readers? Is this a violation of trust that should never be forgotten? Or, should the woman work towards forgiving and forgetting?

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