May 14, 2019

Mr Cliff Cook, Chairman LifeCare Residences UK and New Zealand

Mr Cliff Cook, Chairman LifeCare Residences UK and New Zealand

Integrated Retirement Community Model
Mr Cliff Cook, Chairman, Lifecare Residences, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

Cliff cook is a retirement pioneer, hailing from New Zealand. As the founder of Metlifecare, New Zealand’s second-biggest retirement business and more than 30 plus years in the retirement and community sectors, Mr.Cook is aware of what positive ageing is perceived as.

His view on positive ageing comes inextricably linked to “living the life you choose”, which is to enhance access to care and support services within and across aged care communities and to ensure that everyone will have equal opportunity to access the right services at the right time.

In 2004, Mr Cook turned his sights towards the UK and snatched up the opportunity to asses the market. He is now the founder of LifeCare Residences which builds and operates retirement villages in New Zealand and the United Kingdom — built on an integrated retirement community model, believing in delivering service, luxury and community all under one roof.

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