Oct 29, 2018

National study shows only 18% of Australians have trust in aged care industry 

The Following is a media release from Leading Aged Care Services Australia-

A new report on the state of aged care has shown that few Australians trust the industry and that perceptions of service levels, openness and transparency are also low.

Insights agency, Faster Horses, today released its inaugural national research report entitled ‘Inside Aged Care’ at the Leading Age Care Services Australia (LASA) National Congress in Adelaide.

The study, based a national sample of 1,701 people, measures how the general public and those experiencing aged care across Australia view trust, government funding levels, clarity, innovation, transparency and care levels within the industry.

The data reveals that only 18 per cent of Australians trust the industry and only 13 per cent think it is open and transparent. Perceptions of care levels are also low with around one third agreeing that aged care organisations show empathy, offer high service levels, and take the time to understand the individual needs of those in their care.

Two in three Australians believe the industry is under-funded. This increases to three quarters of those aged over 60 and seven in 10 of those with a family member receiving aged care services.

Faster Horses Managing Director, Veronica Mayne said the report not only highlights the context within which providers operate, and the negative sentiment that they need to overcome, but it also identifies the key factors motivating choice of aged care provider.

“The report taps into critical issues that are certain to be of interest not only to organisations operating in the aged care industry, but also to federal and state governments and consumers and their families.

“Organisations can leverage the data to build their position and promotional materials in a way that aligns to their strengths,” she said.

Ms Mayne said ‘Inside Aged Care’ is also future focused and asks people what aged care options they are considering across various time periods, stretching to the next 15 years.

“This provides the industry with a forward view of likely demand, and will enable organisations to scale up in particular areas to manage the impact of this demand.

“In this instance, the industry and the government are on the same page, with 69 per cent agreeing that the focus should be placed on people ageing in their own homes.

Triggers to moving into aged care are identified, together with the associated emotional impact. This is enormously valuable as it measures the extent of the anxiety and stress around a move into the sector, and it can therefore inform the training programs that aged care organisations adopt to recognise the need to counter this stress.

Brand performance is also measured. Levels of awareness are highlighted, as well as (for leading brands) perceptions of performance.

“Inside Aged Care is another tool to help the industry deliver better services and care to older Australians,” said LASA Chief Executive Officer Sean Rooney.

“This report underscores the need to get on with making the system better right now by addressing funding and workforce issues, whilst the Royal Commission is underway.

“The report will be an invaluable addition to the planning and marketing toolkit for every aged care provider and government agency across the nation,” he said.

The full report will be available from 1 November, following a presentation of key metrics at the LASA National Congress on 30 October 2018.

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