Mar 09, 2023

Free online aged care learning packages available from Wicking Dementia

New Free Online Aged Care Learning Packages from Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre

The Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre has officially launched another FREE training resource, the Equip Aged Care Learning Packages. 

With funding from the Department of Health and Aged Care, the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre at the University of Tasmania has developed a free online learning resource for people working in the aged care sector.

The Wicking Dementia Centre has produced world-renowned educational resources for 10 years, with the creation of the free Understanding Dementia, Preventing Dementia and Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Anyone interested in the aged care sector, can access the Equip learning packages to help enhance their knowledge and keep up to date with current practices. 

“The Equip Aged Care Learning introductory packages offers new starters in the aged care workforce and those seeking employment in the sector, the opportunity to gain essential knowledge to assist them to launch into their career in aged care. The learning modules that we have created are also of benefit for volunteers, informal carers, consumers, and anyone with an interest in the care of older people,” said James Vickers, Director of the Wicking Dementia Centre.

The Equip Aged Care Learning Modules provide a concise, easy to use, portal for learning that promotes the retention of information in an engaging, interactive format. The options to download text and infographics throughout the sessions promote ongoing engagement with the content to ensure understanding and revision of content.  Quick, efficient and thought-provoking content,” said Steph Dickinson, Manager at Home Instead Academy. 

Each 10-minute module highlights key concepts of each topic, with the content designed to ignite learners’ interest, consolidate key learning points and encourage participants to continue their learning by accessing curated further learning and additional resource links contained within each module. 

The content in each module has been developed in close collaboration with academic and other subject matter experts, peak bodies, and expert advisory groups to ensure it reflects contemporary practice and meets the needs of learners. 

Equip online module topics:

  • The Australian Aged Care System
  • Exploring the role of Nurses, Personal Care Workers, and Allied Health Professionals working in Aged Care
  • The Aged Care Quality Standards
  • Supporting People Living with Dementia
  • Palliative and End-of-Life Care
  • Person-centred Care
  • Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Prevention of Falls
  • Wound Management and Pressure Injury Prevention
  • Cross Cultural Awareness
  • Oral Health Promotion
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Hearing Health

Benefits of the program:

  • Free, entirely online, and accessible from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Learn when it suits you – modules can be accessed at any time
  • Each module takes only 10 minutes to complete
  • Available to anyone with an interest in the care of older adults
  • Certificates are awarded on the completion of each module
  • Health Professionals completing Equip Aged Care Learning Packages may be eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. 

On completion of all modules in the introductory or refresher learning package, an additional enhanced Equip Aged Care Learning Package certificate is available at no charge which details learning and CPD hours. 

For more information please visit  
Email or phone 1800 982 600

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  1. T he Equip packages seem to be very interesting indeed . I am interested in
    acquiring such help for my husband .

  2. What with an ageing population, and many people not wanting to enter care facilities, would it not also be a good idea to offer short online courses for those who care for their loved ones at home. Some simple tricks about how to dress and shower people, put on compression stockings and such like. Bring the tricks of paid aged care into the home?

  3. Very Interesting group of subjects and I have completed them all and look forward to passing on the information to my students and encouraging them to participate.

  4. I began studying these units about a month ago and am trying to log in to continue, but finding it very difficult to do so. Do I need to re-enroll and start again? Why is it so hard?

  5. I was sent this link from a co worker and look forward to reading all your useful information and sharing it with all my staff.

  6. I wish to do this I have just completed my understanding dementa and wish to this also I will also be able to assist others who are in need.


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