Nursing home residents recreate classic album covers during lockdown

Although we may not realise the significance at the time, the music that we listen to literally becomes the soundtrack for some of the most important moments in our lives. 

Every generation has spawned albums that are regarded as iconic, and quite often the album covers that house these masterpieces are just as memorable as the music itself.

Although the residents at Sydmar Lodge Care Home in Edgware in the U.K. may not evoke the feeling of music royalty initially, a creative idea by the nursing home’s entertainment manager has seen them transformed into some the worlds top musicians as they recreate of some of the most iconic album covers of all time.


It’s impossible not to smile when you first gaze upon the image of leather-clad grandmother Toba David holding onto her walking frame in a recreation of Micheal Jackson’s iconic pose on the ‘BAD’ album cover.

While 93-year-old resident Vera creates an equally striking visual in her interpretation of songstress Adele’s, 21 album.


Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, David Bowie, and Madonna are just a small sample of the artists who have had their most memorable album covers recreated by residents, while a group of carers also got involved with a recreation of Queens most iconic album cover.


Sydmar Lodge Care Home’s entertainment manager, Robert Speker, was the mastermind behind this idea which has managed to garner mainstream media attention all across the globe.


Speaking on Twitter, Mr. Speker revealed that the home has launched a GoFundMe account to raise further money to pay for resident activities while in lockdown.

The nursing home is now also looking into turning these images into a calendar.



Images courtesy of Robert Speker Twitter and Sydmar Lodge Care Home.

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