Jan 31, 2022

Prime Minister will promise two bonus cash payments to aged care staff

Prime Minister will promise two bonus  cash payments to aged care staff

It is believed that the first payment of $400 is set to be delivered to staff this month, with the second payment of $400 to be given out in early May in what is being framed as a way of acknowledging the ongoing pressures facing aged care staff.

However, there are some who believe that the bonus payments are a political ploy to divert attention from a case currently before the Fair Work Commission in which the Health Service Union (HSU) is attempting to increase aged care workers’ pay by 25%.

“This payment is a pre-election political strategy rather than a serious plan to fix the chronic underpayment of the nation’s most deserving workers,” HSU national president Gerard Hayes told news.com.au.

“Until it does, aged care workers will vote with their feet and keep leaving the industry.

“Why would you earn as little as $21 an hour for physically and emotionally demanding work when you can earn more stacking shelves?”

Opposition Anthony Albanese also questioned the government’s commitment to improving the aged care sector during a recent appearance on the ABC’s Insiders.

“Will you go further?” queried Insiders host David Speers. 

“We still don’t have a commitment to increase wages and conditions so that aged care facilities are able to attract the staff.

“So I’ll tell you one thing we would do right now: there’s a case before the Fair Work Commission for an increase in wages for aged care staff.

“The federal government should be making a submission to that, to the commission, supporting an increase in wages.”

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  1. Not everyone who works in aged care will get this money, like laundry workers who have had to wash the covid washing.

    1. I am an agecare worker with 30 years in this industry, I work with residents who have Dementia, during the past two years, I have worked doubles, done extra shifts, come in early to help out as workers leave and who are positive to Covid has really affected our facility, I don’t get breaks, and often there after knock off time just to finish the paperwork side of the job, we are getting less and less time to spend with our residents; who are already suffering through this pandemic, the agecare sector has gone to crap over the past 10 years and appears to be no solution in sight, bloody politicians give us out 25% pay rise now!

    2. The prime Minister offers age care workers 800 in two payments when we age care workers receive the payments the business owners who receives the money takes the puts somewhere,and after 6 weeks we get the payment,2nd issue the money is taxed,also they give you the cash according to the hrs you work,so please to all the journalist question the pm why isn’t all care staff paid equally 800 dollars.

  2. And does Aged Care workers include Lifestyle staff, kitchen staff and Administration staff?
    We all missed out in the first round of payments and probably will again.
    Yet we, like the RNs, EN’s and AIN/Paces, have been part of the aged care teams all through this. We have fronted up, worked tirelessly, supported our co workers and been the link between many residents and families. How is it that we are considered part of the team until money is allocated. It really stinks.


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