Sep 04, 2023

Remembering Australia’s favourite great-grandma, Daffy

The 95-year-old social media sensation captured the hearts of many around the world and didn’t want her death to make them sad. [Source: Facebook]

Fans from around the world have taken to social media to remember and pay tribute to Australia’s favourite great-grandmother, Daffy of Daffy’s Wise Words, after her passing on Sunday. 

Known for her videos, recipes, words of wisdom and world views published online by granddaughter Melissa, Daffy – or Daphne Pearl Therese Mary Veronica – died peacefully at home on Sunday afternoon surrounded by family. 

“She fought til the end, but unfortunately, her mind far outlived her body,” Melissa wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday. 

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Daffy with granddaughter Melissa. [Source: Facebook]

One of Daffy and Melissa’s videos captures Daffy’s experience of World War II in her hometown of Bundarra, NSW and other childhood memories. 

Melissa thanked Daffy’s followers for avidly supporting her presence on social media for the last two years and said Daffy wouldn’t have wanted them to be sad over her death.

“You gave her a purpose and she has certainly left her presence on this earth, which is all she ever wanted,” Melissa wrote. 

“Daffy said please don’t be sad and let’s think of it as a celebration of [her] life.”

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The Daffy’s Wise Words Facebook page has captured hundreds of memories of Daffy and her family in the last two years since it began. [Source: Facebook]

Two-time Australian Big Brother winner, Reggie Bird, wrote “Thank you Melissa for sharing your beautiful funny videos over the past couple of years. Absolutely loved Daffy. RIP Daffy’s Wise Words.”

“Sending you all lots of love during this very sad time Melissa. Rest in peace beautiful lady we will all certainly miss Daffy and her wise words each day. Thinking of you all,” wrote Australian X Factor runner-up, Jason Owen.

Daffy was 95.

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  1. RIP Daffy! Thank you for all your wise and witty words. Melissa and family, I know you’ll miss her terribly.

    Thank you Melissa for all your help to support Daffy and all the videos.

    She’ll be remembered always.

    Look after yourself now and live your life to the full like Daffy would want! Cheeea, Nancy & Nija (Cat)xx

  2. Thank you daffy for all the laughs tears and wisdom you were a beautiful soul I will miss you everyday but now it’s time for you to run a muck up there and be free of any pain RIP my condolences to you Melissa and your children and extended family you truely are a beautiful soul and an angel you looked after your nan and gave each other the best days of your lives true love Fly High to the one and only Daffy❤️🌹🌈⭐️

  3. Such sad news, followed you and Daffy,s videos. You were an inspiration and a wonderful granddaughter to be able to do what you did.everyone loved Daffy ❤️ .Thank you for sharing her with us. Take care and God bless.Lots ❤️

  4. You will be missed RIP Daffy love watching you love your cooking lesson use to remind me of my mother she was 93 when I lost her I think of you Melissa and family and the dog cat they will miss Daffy as well it be hard but you got lot of memories to look back on I no it like having her with you she was such a funny lady with thing she said she all ways made me laugh and that help me get through my days will remember you Daffy as long as I hear

  5. My condolences to u and ur family Melissa ur grandma was a amazing woman rest n peace daffy will miss watching ur video’s 😢 💔 😞 love from cilla n NZ ❤️ xx

  6. I am a Bundarra girl loved watching Daffy and her wise words had a good laugh at some of her sayings

  7. Oh Daffy I am going to miss you so mum it was like you were my Nan

    Thank you Melissa for sending me all those photos and videos of the flowers that I sent to your nan I really appreciate it.

    Love Kerrianne Colburn

  8. What a Wonderful Wise Lady she was. Loving, Caring, Independent, Cheeky and Funny. Loved her Family, Pets and her Magpies. Daffy you made me not just smile but Laugh with you every time I watched your Videos. Melissa you have her legacy on hand whenever you need to connect to her.
    You gave her comfort and love to the end along with your own children. So many memories to keep you all smiling like she wanted. Thank you for sharing what Families are for. Now RIP Daffy we will always remember you.

  9. RIP Daffy we are going to miss you & my condolences to you Melissa & families !!! My little granddaughter was very fond of Daffy & we always watched ur videos before bed!!!! 😘🥰❤️❤️

  10. Sending condolences from America (Eagle, Colorado) on Daphne Pearl’s (Daffy) passing. She will be sorely missed by her many followers around the world. I know I will miss her sassy wit and many wise as well as funny stories she loved to tell from her past. And Melissa we enjoyed and admired you too for bringing us Daffy’s “Wise Words” every week so thank you so much for hosting those inspiring chats and cooking sessions. Rest in peace ol’ girl. You will be fondly remembered.

    Best regards,
    Barbara Hope

  11. She left a foot print on my heart she made Friday a good time to take 5 minutes out of my day to hear her wise words I will miss that and you all remember don’t be a dick

  12. I watched daffy videos often most nights. She made me laugh a lovely selfless quick witted person. She liked the basics in life and still enjoyed learning new things. Very bright happy simple person people could learn a lot from her. I loved when Dorothy came out so wicked and funny. She was who she was no pretense at all. A real gem loved her always thinking of someone else. Mellisa and her shared a beautiful friendship lovely to watch. I’m sure you will miss her dearly she was one in a million. You were lucky to have her in you’re life . Visa versa for her. Felt very sad when I just saw the news felt like I knew her. She was still sharp as a tack to the end not senile or in a home. Died surrounded by her loved ones . Not bad going. Sending best wishes to Melissa and family in this sad time. Daffy was a rare gem couldn’t help loving her

  13. So sorry Daffy rest in peace 🙏 god bless you so sad
    I lost my beautiful golden retriever blue on the 18th 4 days 😢 days his 13th birthday blue had cancer blue rest in peace

  14. How do you cry over someone you have never met. Well today I did 🥲. The last thing I did before going to bed at night was to pull up get her video of the day. I will surely miss Her, Melissa and the family. Having a friend in another country was an honor. As Daffy would say Toodle -oo , for now

  15. What a remarkable lady Daffy was. I was mesmerised by her funny, whitty stories. She was a grandmother you could relate to. Melissa you made her world wonderful and made every day special. She will be so missed. My thoughts are with you during this sad time.

  16. Dearest Melissa and Family, Daffy brought much happiness, laughter and joy. She was a wonderful and beautiful lady. My thoughts are with you all.

  17. I always enjoyed Daffy and her honest straight forward words. Such lovely memories Melissa of you and your grandmother, of giving Daffy a purpose and a reason to start a new day❤️

  18. thinking of you Melissa and your family at this sad time very sorry for your loss

    my heart is broken but I will always watch her videos to remember her

  19. I would like to say I’m very sorry to hear that daffy Passed away. but Melissa’you are Wonderful. Person to do what you did for your daffy l will your from judy xoxxo


  21. My life wont be the same without You and Daffy, Melissa! I always smiled while watching you both! My Mom died 3 months ago and it was a warm comfort to watch Queen Daffy! Hugs! ❤️💕 DONT BE A DICKHEAD! 😩

  22. I’ll never for get you daffy . You were the best. Hi melissa and melissa and family. I’m so sqdzfkrxyour loss. XOXO

  23. Hi melissa and family. I loved daffy so much . I’m so sorry for your loss. I will never forget her she was so special. Love toni xo

  24. Im going to miss Daffys Wise words and Melissa as they were such genuine kind people. RIP Daffy and heaven will be a much better place with you there. Fly Jenny from Castlemaine vic

  25. God bless you Daffy
    Thanks for your wise words
    Your family is a great example for people to copy.
    Don’t burden the good Lord to much
    I am sure that He will seek your counsel
    Peace and blessings to your family
    Blessings Rev John Dihm

  26. Loved watching you Melissa with Daffy. Such a lovely bond you both had, reminded me of my relationship with my nan who is no longer with us. Thinking of you all. Love from Edinburgh, Scotland.xx

  27. She was like my mum. At 94 my mum was wise and a very strong lady. Daffy we will miss you so much. With the Angel’s now RIP 🙏

  28. Sad to read that lovely Daphne has left this earth.She will be very much missed. God will welcome her with open arms mayshe rest in peace.Also big thankyou to Melissa for her love and respect she showed towards her Nana.

  29. Rest In Peace Daffy.I am thinking of you Melissa and family.Your precious memories will help you all at this sad time and also in the future they never go from you.Hopeing to follow the funeral in England.My thoughts and prayers are with you.x

  30. What a beautiful story of Daffy ‘s life. Thankyou Melissa for taking us on the journey. My mother is 95 too and very frail & her name is Dorothy Angela Maud Phillips. Mum lives with my darling brother & his wife in their home in Sydney so totally understood the love & care that you have given your lovely grandmother Daffy. Rest easy now sweet Daffy.💕

  31. Sorry to hear your sad news
    Daffy won my heart the 1st time I saw her
    I hope that I have a sense of humor like daffys in my years to come
    Even when Dorothy came out (every now and again )
    She always made me smile
    I will miss her cheeky little smile
    Rip lovely lady you brought so much joy to so many people

  32. Rest in peace dear Daffy she was such an inspiration at her age the things she remembered and as l watched your videos it felt Iike we were watching our own grandmother her spirit will live on condolences to you and family 🙏❤️ love from Lisa Adelaide

  33. Toodle Ooo sweet lady RIP Daffy. Melissa I hope all the wonderful happy memories you and your family made with Daffy give you much comfort at this difficult time, thank you for sharing your Nan with us all, love to you all.

  34. Loved watching Daffy, Melissa and family while I spent six months in Melbourne since coming home to South Africa I kept watching, she was a wonderful lady. Thank you Melissa for looking after your Nan with so much care and love wish their werenmore grandchildren like you in this world. Fly high with the angels Daffy toollaroo for now. 😇😇❤❤

  35. Thank you Daffy for your funny and wise words. Such a natural we will all miss your banter. Fly high above Cowra looking over your family with love. While you are at it have a cuppa with my mumma Margie who at 91 passed a few days before on 31 August. Its a sad time for us all to register our losses. Rest easy xox

  36. Melissa and family, it is only just now on Sunday, September 17 that I learned of Daffy going to her eternal home with God. My heart is with you all. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and witty Grandmother with us. She will never be forgotten. You took such good and loving care of that special dear lady. Love to you and your precious family.

  37. Daffy had my mom’s exact laugh and every time she chuckled, which she so often did, I heard my mom. Uncanny as that is, it made me think of Mom for a second with happiness instead of pain. That is what I wish for your family-to one day think of Daffy with joy instead of the heartache of loss. Thank you so much for sharing her with us, she was such a hoot. I simply adored her.
    Texas Daffy Fan

  38. I loved seeing you both everyday. Daffy was such an inspiration to keep on moving and have a purpose to get up every morning and accomplish something. Melissa, you are an inspiration to the younger generation to always respect and learn from your elders. Melissa, don’t be a stranger. We would love to see you!

  39. To Dearest Daffy Thankyou for all of your Funny & Witty Videos you really touched my Heart in so many ways. I will forever miss your Beautiful Smile, laughter, cheekiness, .Queen Daffy Rest In Peace sweetheart May God bless you with the Angels in Heaven 😇😇😇😇


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