Oct 27, 2022

Residents dance into ‘madness’ at Hatter’s Tea Party

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Aged care residents enjoyed the dancing, the music, and the fancy costumes of Lifeview staff. [Source: Lifeview]

After a two year hiatus, the Lifeview Positive Ageing Celebration (PAC) returned bigger and better – much to the delight of residents, families and staff.

A soiree for the ages, the theme of this year’s Lifeview event was ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’, where residents were invited to join in the festivities of a high tea, entertainment and dancing at the Springvale Town Hall in Springvale, Victoria, on October 20.

Over 200 people, including residents, family and staff of the Victorian aged care provider, attended the magical event, with many residents delighted by the Alice in Wonderland costumes, the decorations, professional singers, and a live magician.

The event is a favourite for many residents, as part of the Horizon Happenings lifestyle program at Lifeview, but the pandemic put the event on hold for a couple of years.

Lifeview Social Support & Events Manager, Annita Macauley, said that the attendees were a-buzz and the dance floor was full of tapping shoes and fantastic dance moves.

Ms Macauley said she shed a few tears on the day because of all the joy and happiness that was evident on the residents’ faces.

This event also coincided with Victorian Seniors Festival, a fitting time for older Australians to come together and celebrate the achievements they have made over their lives.

Lillian Liddy, a resident at Lifeview Emerald Glades, said, “It was so much fun, I had the best time and I want to thank everyone who was involved in this.”

Another resident enjoyed himself so much that he had to be wheeled out on his walker because he refused to leave the party!

Lifeview also found a number of residents, who were usually solitary and didn’t often come out of their rooms, came to the high tea and threw themself into the festivities – even getting in a dance or two.

This event was found to be the perfect occasion for residents, families and staff to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate their achievements and resilience over the last few years of the pandemic.

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