Aug 03, 2023

Retired racehorse visits residents in 10th birthday victory lap

Ozzie with resident Helen Vincent, Caitlyn Easey and Lori McKern (1mb)
Resident Helen with Residential Manager Caitlyn and horse custodian Lori. [Source: Supplied]

Residents of HammondCare’s Strathearn House were treated to an afternoon of cake, carrots and happiness on Tuesday with a visit from retired racehorse Osborne Bulls for his tenth birthday.

The team at Godolphin Lifetime Care program collaborated with the facility to engage residents – including those living with dementia – in equine therapy.

Many residents grew up locally in Scone, New South Wales and spent their lives owning, handling and caring for horses.

During the birthday visit, Osborne Bulls – nicknamed Ozzie – spent time interacting with residents accompanied by his custodian Lori McKern and companion pony Rosie in what will likely become a regular lifestyle program.

Sponge cake was on the menu for the humans while the horses celebrated with some fed to them by residents. 

Residents interacted with the horses as staff soaked in the joy – kissing, patting and feeding them with big smiles. Strathearn House Residential Manager Caitlyn Easey said she was happy the facility participated in equine therapy.

Strathearn resident Edith Day with Osborne Bulls and Emma Ridley (1mb)
Resident Edith feeding Ozzie with Godolphin representative, Emma. [Source: Supplied]

“This was a very special occasion for residents, and brought them much delight,” she said.

Ozzie retired in 2020 after an impressive racing career, winning a near total of $3 million in prize money.

Since retiring, Osborne Bulls has become a Flagbearer in the Godolphin Lifetime Care program which aims to educate, create awareness and promote a passion for these champion horses.

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