Aug 14, 2023

SA woman charged with parents’ double murder, accused of swaying bail plea

Raelene Polymiadis leaving court on Thursday. [Source: NCA NewsWire/ Brett Hartwig]

The South Australian woman accused of fatally poisoning her elderly parents a year apart has been granted bail on home detention due to allegedly “sabotaged” medical condition.

Last week, Raelene Polymiadis was charged with two counts of murder over the suspicious deaths of her parents and was granted bail due to complications with her diabetes while in prison, despite prosecutors alleging she intentionally consumed high levels of sugar to alter her Blood Glucose Levels and strengthen her bail plea.

“We submit Your Honour should have concerns about whether she is deliberately malingering in relation to her treatment situation and what happened in this court when she was taken to hospital,” prosecutor, Karen Ingleton, told the South Australian Supreme Court at one of Ms Polymiadis’ bail hearings on Thursday.

Ms Polymiadis reportedly suffered a number of diabetic episodes while in prison and had previously been taken to hospital from court – similarly, Thursday’s hearing was briefly adjourned due to the alarm on her blood sugar monitor.

At the bail hearing, Justice Julie McIntyre charged Ms Polymiadis with two counts of murder after allegedly administering fatal doses of medication to her elderly parents Brenda and Lynton Anderson, both 94. 

Raelene Polymiadis (centre) and her parents Brenda and Lynton Anderson (left and right). [Source: 7News]

At a previous hearing on Monday, the court heard tranquilisers and insulin were allegedly found in the Andersons’ toxicology reports and it has been suggested the insulin belonged to Ms Polymiadis. CCTV footage evidence also showed Ms Polymiadis was the last person to visit her elderly father’s Hackham home before one of his carers found him unconscious.

As part of her bail conditions, Ms Polymiadis is banned from contacting anyone at Noarlunga Hospital, Flinders Medical Centre, any of the paid carers who tended to her father or her three siblings. She is also to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet and surrender her passport. 

Ms Polymiadis has been bailed to her son’s home and will face court again in December.

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