Sep 22, 2021

Scared elderly couple get caught up in protests on their way home from hospital

Scared elderly couple got caught up in protests on their way home from hospital
Protesters around an open-doored car on the West Gate Freeway, Melbourne. (9News)

An elderly couple on their way home from the hospital gave radio listeners a live update of their unnerving experience while surrounded by construction protestors on top of the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne. 

A caller by the name of Cheryl revealed that she suffers from “extreme underlying health issues” and that she and her husband had been stuck in traffic for an hour-and-a-half on their way home from the hospital.

According to Cheryl, the elderly couple’s car had been surrounded by protestors who were waving fists at them, while the driver of a semi-trailer in the next lane was forced to lock his doors after protestors attempted to climb on board.

She also said that protestors had been hitching rides to travel up the Westgate Bridge and climbing on other people’s cars.

Cheryl was among many Victorians who called into 3AW’s popular Drive Program to share their thoughts on the day’s chaos.

“I’m double vaccinated, I have extreme underlying health issues and there’s no need for grown people to carry on like this,” said Cheryl.

“So grow up, and for crying out loud – do what you’ve gotta do.”

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  1. If only these morons weren’t given news coverage. They want attention, if they are deprived of that their actions wouldn’t have so much impact. The media could shut this down dramatically. Why do people thrive on bad news? Give us some good news.

  2. Absolutely disgraceful delinquents. That is all they can be called. Unintelligent actions and disrespectful to their fellow Melbournians. STOP televising – they deserve and need no assistance to look like braindead morons.
    Bloody glad I live in Sydney!


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