Nov 01, 2019

Sobering report shines light on need for greater leadership and accountability

The release of the interim report from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety is a sobering account of how Australia has let down some of its most vulnerable, calling out a lack of leadership and accountability from Government and industry.

Every aged care resident deserves safety and the highest standard of care ‒ every day, without exception. Aged care is more than just about care, it’s about supporting and enabling quality of life.

The first step in building a robust, compassionate industry of the future, is for Government to urgently develop a long-term and holistic plan for aged care in Australia, setting the goal posts for the industry and the foundations to reach them.

The Aged Care Guild has called on Government for a plan and they have ignored the warning signs. Spanning multiple Ministers and changes in leadership, Government has had numerous reviews, reports and solutions on its desk.

Aged Care Guild CEO, Matthew Richter says the aged care system today would look very different had Government taken action on previous recommendations.

“Government has failed their role as system stewards. A lack of vision and unstable regulatory settings, combined with fragmented policy development and poor program implementation, undermine continuous quality improvement and the delivery of consistent quality care that all senior Australians need and deserve,” said Mr Richter.

While Government must step-up and set the plan as system stewards, the Aged Care Guild recognises the issues in aged care are industry wide, and as such, requires a whole-of-industry solution.

“We all have a role to play. It is important the sector galvanises around the Royal Commission to drive the radical transformation of aged care that is clearly needed,” said Mr Richter.

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