Aug 19, 2021

St Basil’s Randwick fails 35 of 42 aged care accreditation requirements

St Basil’s Randwick fails 35 of 42 aged care accreditation requirements

In response to the failures, the facility will be ineligible to receive Commonwealth subsidies for any new care recipients for the next six months, and must participate in fortnightly teleconferences with the ACQSC and complete fortnightly reports outlining the facility’s steps towards improvement.

St Basil’s Randwick has also been ordered to hire an external advisor to assist in complying with responsibilities and provide extra training in relation to the restrictive practices (including chemical restraint) in aged care, pressure injury and wound management, falls management, behaviour management, and clinical care planning and review.

All 42 aged care accreditation requirements are used to determine a facility’s overall compliance with eight aged care quality standards.

The eight aged care quality standards are as follows: 

  • Standard 1 – Consumer dignity and choice
  • Standard 2 – Ongoing assessments and planning with consumers
  • Standard 3 – Personal care and clinical care
  • Standard 4 – Services and supports for daily living
  • Standard 5 – Organisations service environment 
  • Standard 6 – Feedback and complaints
  • Standard 7 – Human resources
  • Standard 8 – Organisational governance

St Basil’s Randwick failed all eight aged care quality standards, with the report stating that most consumers at the home did not receive the services and supports that are important for health and wellbeing.

The home was unable to demonstrate that it had implemented an effective outbreak management plan once visitor restrictions were placed on the facility during a COVID-19 outbreak in Sydney. 

Meanwhile, lunch services in the dementia unit were said to have consisted of being nothing more than “puree with large amounts of gravy”. 

In a statement, St Basil’s acting CEO Spiro Stavis said the facility was committed to addressing the areas of noncompliance, appointing Anchor Excellence as advisors.

To view the full assessment of the home, click here.

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  1. The Aged Care Regulators response to the problems at St Basils can only be described as, Pathetic. Hopeless. Irresponsible and Incompetent.

  2. This does not surprise me at all… husband died in a St Basil’s home in South Australia…..his time spent there was beyond words..the food was inadequate (read cheap) and the care was, at times really just basic and neglectful. I did not tell the home that I was a trained support worker and I kept a diary of my daily visits. I was able to report them on several issues.


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