Aug 26, 2022

Supercentenarian’s daily walk is key to long life

Supercentenarian's daily walk is key to long life

Turning 110 today, Catherina van der Linden became a supercentenarian! She attributed her long life to keeping active with daily walks.

Living in Southern Cross Care’s West Beach Residential Care in South Australia, the facility says Mrs van der Linden walks twice a day, on top of her twice a week regular gym sessions.

Ms van der Linden told the ABC her 110th birthday was nothing spectacular and she was happy to have a nice dinner with her large family – that includes ten grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

Mrs van der Linden joins the country’s oldest living Australians, with another elderly gentleman, Frank Mawer of New South Wales, becoming the oldest living person in Australia at 110 earlier this year, following the death of 111 year old Dexter Kruger last year.

Hailing from the Netherlands before moving to Australia in 1955, Mrs van der Linden has seen some big events over her lifetime – including two world wars and two pandemics.

Mrs van der Linden has worked in many different areas, including as a grape picker, nurse aid, and a typist and clerical assistant.

She also has a great passion for gardening, enjoys playing card games, and is a social butterfly who loves to catch up with her fellow residents.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Southern Cross Care (SA, NT & VIC), David Moran, said Mrs van der Linden is a leading example of an older person who lives better by leading a healthy and active lifestyle.   

“Catherina is a South Australian treasure who brings joy to our staff with her positive outlook and commitment to living better for life,” said Mr Moran.

“Catherina is impressively the fittest resident among her peers. She shows a steely  determination to complete her daily exercise routines and still hits the on-site gym twice a week to maintain her strength and mobility.”

Mrs van der Linden is celebrating her birthday today with family, residents and staff at West Beach Residential Care.

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