Dec 10, 2018

These Women Prove That Beauty is Ageless

Society can often project this idea that the epitome of beauty is youth – but that simply isn’t true. Beauty, style and fashion can come in all shapes, sizes and ages – young and old.

That idea that “beauty is ageless” is at the core of Silverfox – a talent agency for the older model.

Just a little over a year old, Silverfox was co-founded by Brigitte Warne and Georgia Branch – two women inspired by the changes that were happening on a global scale.  

“We were looking at what was happening overseas and there was this really big trend of mature models coming through and celebrities that were older being ambassadors to beauty products and style icons” says Brigitte.

“We thought it was really interesting and when we looked into it a bit more, we saw that no one was doing this in Australia. So we thought, ‘let’s do this now and give it a go and see what happens’”.


“We’re really seeing a big market that is getting left out – they’re more style conscious and fashion conscious than ever before.”

“And this segment have more money than ever before, it’s a big opportunity for brands to get involved. The best way to target different age groups is to get talent that is relatable and aspirational.”

Brigitte is no stranger to the modelling industry – at the age of 27, she has over 10 years experience being a local and international model.

When Silverfox first started, they recruited models through open calls in Melbourne and Sydney.

“We had a look at what was out there, who was interested and the type of people were coming forward. And from there we scouted our very first group of models for our early divisions”

Since then, they have grown to have a clientele of over 100 models, which also include international models Yazemeenah Rossi and Jacky O’Shaughnessy, who are some of the world’s most well known models in the mature age division.

Silverfox even has an Age Positive Influencers division. These influencers are not only models but they also work as ambassadors to help Silverfox promote their age positive movement.


“We’re seeing a real age positive movement coming through, and people are looking for some sort of diversity in the way that they can market people.”

With the increase in demand for older models, the interest from applicants is growing, “we’ve had a lot of referrals come through the models we’ve already signed, or photographers or companies who’ve heard of us and know someone who might be interested and this was always something they wanted to do.”

“We’re also getting a lot of people coming forward to us. And then there’s also a lot of former models who want to get back into the game.”

With 50% of Australia’s population being over 37, Silverfox have only one rule – that their models are over 30. Otherwise there are no height or size restrictions, “we’re looking for diversity and confidence – wanting to support out age positive mission and get on board and change the way the Australian market works.”

“To target different age groups the best way to do that is to get talent that is relatable and aspirational”


Despite being a relatively new management agency, Silverfox have an impressive portfolio of bookings. Recently, one of their models did a spread for Russh magazine. And Silverfox are currently in talks to have their models at the Mercedes Benz fashion week.

“Age positivity is basically breaking down those barriers that say “you still need to be in your 20s to be beautiful and respected”, we’re seeing people are just becoming more and more confident and wanting to have a voice.

“And although we are a talent management, but what we really want to do is change the industry and change the way people see beauty.”

“And I think the only way we can do that is if we start to accept ageing happens to everyone and that it is  a natural beautiful process that happens with life. Just because you’re ageing, it doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful.”

“Ageing does not need to have a negative connotation – today you’ve got more opportunity than ever before to be expressive and to really show who you are and embrace that and love that.”


All photos are credited to Silverfox Mgmt

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