May 02, 2023

Teens play Neil Diamond for older lady on the tram

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Susan Rogers. [ Source: Twitter]

A wholesome clip of an older woman enjoying the sounds of Neil Diamond with a group of teenagers on a Manchester tram has received some well-deserved attention online. 

Former Lord Mayor of England’s Manchester, Doctor Carl Austin-Behan, shared a video of 77-year-old Susan Rogers singing along to Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ after a group of teenagers started playing the song through their speaker.

“How heartwarming is this! Some young people on @MCRMetrolink @OfficialTfGM playing random “[modern]” music realising an older person was on the tram started playing @NeilDiamond – look at the joy and excitement in her face.” Dr Austin-Behan wrote on Twitter.

Susan’s daughter, Debbie, spoke to the Manchester Evening News and said that her mum has dementia but loves dancing and enjoys music so it was a special moment for the family.

“We take her to Dancing With Dementia and she thinks she owns the group,” Debbie said

“She actually had a serious accident last year so to see her dancing again is just brilliant.

“They were just a lovely bunch of kids. They don’t seem to get recognition when they do nice things so we just wanted to share this and show others that this is how to do it. Their parents must be so proud.”

Twitter user @TattonPerk commented on the video, saying it “just shows we pretty much all get along when we find the language that we all understand. It’s so often music that brings us together. This is a lovely video.”

“Fantastic, never too old to enjoy good music together” wrote @beggeritraining

Watch the full video here.

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