Jul 16, 2021

“The smiles on their faces were unmistakable”: The aged care home bringing joy to residents

Elderly woman pom pom

However, across the other side of the globe, aged care facilities in New York City have begun a much-welcomed transition back to normalcy, as the percentage of fully vaccinated New Yorker’s edges closer to 60%. 

Manhattan’s Amsterdam Nursing Home employed a number of unique tactics to keep its residents occupied as COVID cases soared in the US, but the return of live music at the facility earlier this week marked a turning point for residents, who were finally able to enjoy each other’s company and sing along to their favourite tunes. 

Basking in the summer sunshine, residents danced and sang along to rock, R&B, blues and country classics being performed by NYC guitarist and singer Richard Frank.

“The smiles on their faces when Richard started his show were unmistakable,” said Jay Virella, therapeutic recreation director at Amsterdam Nursing Home. 

“Music continues to be the great healer.”

Earlier this week, workers at the Amsterdam Nursing Home were treated to an oversized staff BBQ in acknowledgment of all the hard work that had been done to keep residents and their fellow colleagues safe over the last 16 months. 

Homemade ribs, burgers, chicken, rice, and veggies were just a few of the tasty foods on the menu, but according to staff, the great food was made even better by being able to celebrate and intermingle with colleagues. 

“The food was so great, my food service folks really outdid themselves,” said Administrator Katz. 

“Being this is our first summer BBQ since, before the pandemic, the staff had such a great time. This is how it should be, we are all together, enjoying each other’s company right at the start of the summer’s biggest holiday. Thank you for your hard work.”

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