Jan 15, 2024

“Tragic lotto stories”: Older man sues daughter, says he was ‘coerced’ to gift large sum

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More than likely, you’ve heard horror stories of families being destroyed over lottery winnings. [Source: News.com.au]

Two Queensland siblings wish their 92-year-old father never had his almost $1 million lottery win as their family has since been destroyed by a long court battle, instigated by the patriarch, to recuperate gifted money that he allegedly handed over under duress. 

William Bampton, 92, won $986,212.30 on the Tattslotto Golden Casket in March 2018 and put down a $50,000 deposit on a new house for his son Larry Bampton, 66. He then paid off the remaining $505,000 on the Mountain Creek home a week later, making him co-own the home with his son. 

But almost six months later, Mr Bampton claims to have argued with his 69-year-old daughter Suzanne Elaine Vourlides, to whom he planned to give no money due to gripes with her husband, Jim. As a result of the argument, the 92-year-old alleged he felt “overwhelmed” and had no other options but to give $300,000 to his daughter.

Facing the District Court of Queensland in December 2023, Judge Suzanne Sheridan said a lot of evidence was provided to the court by both parties but dismissed any allegations of Ms Vourlides bullying her father into gifting her money. 

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William (left) and Larry (right) Bampton. [Source: Facebook]

Court documents stated Mr Bampton did not have a dementia diagnosis for the purpose of the hearing and “Mrs Vourlides’ case is that her father gifted to her the sum of $300,000 at his own instigation and in the exercise of his own free will.” 

Larry Bampton told The Courier Mail that his father no longer talks to him and wished the money had never come into their lives.

“The worst thing that ever happened was that he won the million dollars,” he said.

“One of the tragic lotto stories, I think.” 

About the case, Mrs Vourlides also told The Courier Mail that “the whole thing is terrible”, she was “over it” because it has “destroyed people’s lives.”

Mr Bampton has said there is no money from the lotto wins left and he intended to appeal the court’s decision.

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