Aug 06, 2021

“I wanted to cry”: Coles checkout worker pays for confused elderly shopper’s groceries

Elderly woman shopping and confused

“I really wanted to share a beautiful thing I witnessed today,” wrote shopper Lyn on Facebook.

An older woman was having trouble getting her card to work at the Coles supermarket checkout. When her card was declined twice, she began to get “confused”.  

A young staff member, Michael, immediately stepped in to help.

And it didn’t end there. The older woman assumed the young man had solved the problem, so gave him little thanks, but that didn’t worry the cashier one bit.

“The elderly lady just thought he had fixed the technology somehow, not realising he had just paid for her $73 groceries.”

“He didn’t look for thanks or acknowledgement in any way.”

Lyn informed the supervisor at Coles Medowie and wrote that “good things are coming his way in life.”

“It warmed my cold heart,” Lyn wrote.

Nearly 1,000 people have commented on the post, praising the young man’s actions.

“It’s warmed my heart. Good luck in your future endeavours young man. You’ll go far in life,” one poster wrote.

A colleague also recognised the young man in the viral post. 

“Reading through this I was thinking it was Michael … then I saw his name. He is a lovely young man and he is an asset to our store. I will be giving him a praise up!” she wrote.

One commenter noted how infrequently customer service staff are acknowledged. 

“Love to hear a good story like this. Customer service isn’t easy and often staff don’t get recognition for exceptional customer service. Thanks for sharing!” she wrote.

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  1. You need a story like this to lift your spirits with all the Covid-19 heartache that is affecting everyone, even this young man whose act of kindness has put a smile on so many peoples faces reading this. Thank you Michael.

  2. If I had witnessed this, I would have repaid the shop assistant the $73 out of my own pocket…..what a lovely thing to do for an elderly person…..could have been my elderly mother (if she was still alive)…..I am an Age Pensioner myself, but doing OK xxxxx

  3. Yes I always shop at Coles in our suburb, their staff are very accommodating and courteous. I am elderly and a bit slow after having my chemo 24 ago. Although looking at me now doesn’t show that I am sick with this dreadful disease. Your staff gives me assurance that they are there to help me. Ish at the customer service, Anthony at the check out and Lance of the fresh produce.

  4. Accolades to you Michael may your life be full of blessings and happiness. 👍👏👏👏

  5. What a beautiful story. I have also witnessed selfless aged care staff purchasing wooly jumpers and warm socks to protect residents from the cold with their own money. Its these little acts of kindness that give you faith in the overall goodness of humanity. The shopping centre manager should refund this boys purchase out of petty cash and make him employee of the month!

  6. Well done Michael, for being so kind in, helping the senior citizen in Coles checkout. To often we become inpatient with seniors in our society, after all we must remember, they did not grow up with computers. If we all extend ourselves in helping our seniors in times of confusion, just as Michael did at the checkout, wow wouldn’t the world be a better place for them.

  7. What a wonderful young man, he has an amazing soul and really deserves acknowledgement from his bosses, this is exceptional customer service and from someone so young, I can’t thank or praise him enough. None of us are going to escape old age. Bless him.
    Thank you young man.


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