Jun 19, 2018

Update: on Editorial ‘Gangrene, Agonising Infections Reported At Recently Re-Accredited Newcastle Nursing Home’

On 8 June 2018, HelloCare published an article on its website titled ‘Gangrene, Agonising Infections Reported At Recently Re-Accredited Newcastle Nursing Home’. The article described a series of medical conditions suffered by residents of the nursing home and suggested that those conditions were caused or contributed to by a lack of adequate care on the part of Tinonee Gardens The Multicultural Village.

HelloCare accepts that the matters described in the article are complex medical conditions and were not presented in sufficient context, resulting in the unwarranted impression that Tinonee Gardens had failed to provide adequate care to the individuals concerned, including after Tinonee Gardens’ reaccreditation by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency in February 2018.

HelloCare has now removed the article from its website. HelloCare apologises to Tinonee Gardens The Multicultural Village and its officers and staff for any hurt or embarrassment the publication of the article and the associated radio broadcast may have caused them. This was not HelloCare’s intention when the decision was made to report on the issue.

HelloCare has received the following statement from The Tinonee Gardens The Multicultural Village:

The staff, executive committee and Board of Tinonee Gardens – The Multicultural Village remain committed to the care of all of its residents and promoting open communication with residents, their families and representatives.

While we will not comment on individual cases in order to respect the privacy and confidentiality of our residents we are concerned about allegations without context where residents have complex needs.

The staff, executive committee and Board of Tinonee Gardens – The Multicultural Village, welcome an accreditation environment and audit process that is detailed, transparent and designed to ensure strong quality of care for residents’ right across the aged care sector.

We have demonstrated preparedness to work with all agencies where any shortcomings have been identified and have taken swift and decisive corrective actions. Tinonee Gardens – The Multicultural Village is monitored by relevant agencies and is compliant.

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