Jun 09, 2022

Vic healthcare workers to get $3000 bonus, but aged care misses out again

Vic healthcare workers to get $3000 bonus, but aged care misses out again

Victorians working in public hospitals and ambulance services will receive a $3000 bonus payment if they meet certain criteria laid out by Premier Daniel Andrews this afternoon.

The $353 million state government package was announced today as Victoria prepares for what is being touted as “the busiest winter yet” for healthcare staff.

Unlike NSW which announced $3000 bonus payments as a ‘thank you’ to the state’s healthcare workers for their work during the pandemic, Premier Andrews announced that staff working in Victorian hospitals and ambulance services will need to be employed by a public health service by July 1 and remain employed until at least September 30 to be eligible.

The NSW package announced by Premier Dominic Perottet on Tuesday also included the announcement that the public sector wage gap would be increased from 2.5% to 3% this financial year, and the state government announced plans to recruit 10,000 additional medical staff.

No such wage rises were announced today for Victoria.

“This is all about encouraging people to take up a few extra shifts if they can, go from being part-time to maybe working some further hours,” said Andrews.

The package has been dubbed the Healthcare Worker Winter Retention and Surge payment by the Andrew’s Government. It will also provide free meals for nightshift workers from July until the end of the year.

The $3000 bonus payment will be given to eligible staff in two installments.

The first payment of $1500 will be made on August 15 and the second payment is due to arrive at the end of September.

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  1. Shame on you ! Aged care staff are so undervalued, they should all walk out and go in the dole

    1. So true…I work as a support worker have not missed a day even worked while my clients had covid

  2. Fu.. you Daniel Andrews – Full of bull S..t words – As a Aged care worker of 27 years ( And throughout the whole pandemic) You show us what you really think of our hours of being on the frontline. We will ALL remember you at election time!

  3. Public RACF staff will receive it, not private. So your headline is incorrect.
    If private aged care facilities want to pay their staff they can and should. Private RACFs operate to provide a profit to their shareholders.

  4. I’m an aged care work who has work the last 2 years through COVID and we have all taken on extra shifts, giving up leave and work with full PPE not enjoyable at all, and the government has not included us in the Bonus!! Shame on you Victoria government

  5. Does this include Leisure and Lifestyle workers who provide for the aged population living in the community?

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